Transform Your Space: Mind-Blowing IKEA Kallax Hacks from Plain to Brilliant

Sep 4, 2023

Ikea Kallax

When it comes to versatile and functional furniture, the IKEA Kallax is a true champion. This unassuming storage unit has won the hearts of homeowners worldwide with its endless possibilities for customization and utilization. From being a kids' storage solution to a TV stand, hallway organizer, bookshelf, bedside table, and more – the IKEA Kallax effortlessly adapts to your needs. Let's delve into some of our customers' fantastic Kallax hacks from around the world!

Kallax - The perfect blend of storage and display for your living room

Your living room is a reflection of your personality and a space to showcase the things that matter most to you. Enter the IKEA Kallax sideboard – a versatile and stylish solution that seamlessly combines storage and display.

To match the rest of the room we painted the IKEA Kallax in a light grey paint and added our Bodil knobs and Greta legs, both in matte black.

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Kallax IKEA
Greta 170 Black

Greta 170

265.00 SEK

Bodil 30Ø Black

Bodil 30Ø

89.00 SEK

Elevating your Kallax sideboard with fluted trims

Talented DIYer Kim Bui with the instagram account @XOmyhome, transformed her IKEA Kallax unit into a true beauty with some fluted panels, glue and bit of paint. And to to elevate the look of her IKEA Kallax shelf even more she added Prettypegs Hedvig Little furniture legs and Britta handles in shiny brass finish. The result is fantastic. Read the whole Kallax tutorial and indulge in tons of other inspiration over at her blog!

Kallax Unit Tutorial
Britta 70 Shiny Brass

Britta 70

79.00 SEK

Hedvig Little 160 Shiny Chrome

Hedvig Little 160

175.00 SEK

Turning a Kallax Unit into a Stylish Plant Stand

Dennis Velencia, a talented interior stylist, handpicked our Dagmar 170 and ingeniously repurposed the Kallax unit into a charming plant stand, designed for proudly displaying your favorite plants, vases, and other beautiful decor items.

Ikea Kallax
Dagmar 170 Ash natural

Dagmar 170

175.00 SEK

The IKEA Kallax as a TV stand with Style

Who says a TV stand or media unit has to be dull? The IKEA Kallax breaks the mold by offering a chic and minimalist option, enen in a small scale. Its sturdy structure is an ideal foundation for your entertainment setup. Whether you have a TV or a vintage record player the Kallax provides great storage for any media devices, and even your favorite decor pieces.

US Web magazine THE EVERY GIRL shows different ways to hack the Kallax unit as a TV stand incorporating our Carl 170 legs in ash natural.

IKEA Kallax TV stand
Carl 170 Ash natural

Carl 170

175.00 SEK

The Danish interior architecture studio StudioLokken modified the Kallax shelf with our Otto 100 and created a Scandinavian and minimalist look with a mix of both sharp and rounded lines!

IKEA Kallax shelf
Otto 100 White

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

Kallax as a Room Divider and Bed Side Brilliance

Say goodbye to traditional bedside tables and embrace the IKEA Kallax's versatility. By placing it next to your bed, you'll have plenty of storage for your nighttime essentials as well as well as a stylish room divider for smaller spaces.

Swedish customer Karin got her hands on the older version of Kallax - called "Expedit" - and added our Hedvig little in shiny chrome for some extra height and style. We're totally feeling the calm and warm tones in this room!

IKEA Kallax room divider
Hedvig Little 160 Shiny Chrome

Hedvig Little 160

175.00 SEK

Kids Storage Wonderland

Keeping a kid's room tidy is no small feat, but the IKEA Kallax rises to the challenge. Its cubby-style compartments are perfect for storing toys, books, art supplies, and more. By adding colorful bins or baskets, you can turn the Kallax into an organized wonderland that your little ones will love to explore.

This particular Kallax hack by interior studio GrohPlayrooms is adorned with colorful inserts that instantly catch the eye, adding a playful touch to the room's decor. To complete the look, it stands proudly on Prettypegs' Otto 100 legs in a soft, whimsical shade of cloudy pink.

Ikea Kallax storage hack
Otto 100 Cloudy Pink

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

Partially Open and Closed IKEA Kallax for Organizing Kids' Toys

UK blogger Ines Vautier, gave her old Kallax shelf a great facelift with the perfect shade of pink, Prettypegs Svea legs, and her own home made plywood handles. We're so impressed:) If you're not up for crafting your own handles, check out our similar Lilian Knobs in Teak Finish.

Check out her whole Kallax tutorial.

IKEA Kallax unit
Svea 150 Ash natural

Svea 150

185.00 SEK

Lilian 30Ø Teak finish

Lilian 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Organizing Toys with IKEA Storage Bins!

This IKEA Kallax hack is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By incorporating IKEA storage bins, you can effortlessly organize your toys, keeping everything in its place. Elevate the look with our Folke little legs in ash natural, infusing a touch of minimalistic Scandinavian charm into your home. This clever DIY solution not only optimizes storage but also adds a great twist to your living space.

IKEA Kallax hack
Folke Little Ash natural

Folke Little 170

155.00 SEK

Kallax - A Hallway Hero

The first room often sets the tone for your home. A cluttered hallway rarely makes a good first impression. Transform your hallway with IKEA Kallax, painted in a calming faded gray color and elevated with leather handles from IKEA and legs from Prettypegs - Siri 300. Use it as a gathering place for shoes, bags, and accessories. You can also add some decorative elements like plants and framed photos to make the space welcoming.

IKEA Kallax Hallway organizer
Sigrid 300 Black

Sigrid 300

175.00 SEK

Chantal from @wohnenbijchan opted for an open Kallax and gave the wall behind it a contrasting color, instantly harmonizing the room. To enhance organization and introduce a touch of greenery, she incorporated drawers and plants. Completing the look, she added Kurt 180 legs in Ash natural, adding a beautiful and natural finish to her creative transformation.

IKEA Kallax hack
Kurt 180 Ash natural

Kurt 180

185.00 SEK

Your Perfect Kallax Bookshelf Solution

The IKEA Kallax unit, with its timeless design and versatile functionality, makes for an excellent bookshelf. Its spacious cubbies are perfect for neatly organizing books of all shapes and sizes, creating an inviting and organized reading corner. We love how talented Art Director @JessicaBeau added our Elsie adjustable legs to her Kallax bookshelf, which not only added height and style, but also prove invaluable for those dealing with old and uneven floors, a common challenge in older houses.

IKEA Kallax Bookshelves
Elsie Adjust Shiny brass

Elsie Adjust

245.00 SEK

How to paint IKEA Kallax

Painting IKEA Kallax made from laminate can be tricky due to its shiny surface, which doesn't easily hold paint. To tackle this, selecting a quality primer is crucial for ensuring paint adhesion. We applied two coats of primer, followed by two coats of your favorite color. Allowing at least 24 hours between coats for the best results is essential. Patience during this process is key to achieving a long-lasting finish!

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