How it all began

- Meet our founders Jana & Mikael

It started on a Saturday back in 2011. While browsing through IKEA it just struck us; the sofa was pretty but the legs were ugly. In the car on our way home we discussed nothing but sofas and their ugly legs. How could we keep the sofa itself but make it more like "us"? When we reached our garage, Prettypegs was born.

Without any knowledge on how to make sofa legs, we started making sofa legs with only the idea. And like many of you, we don't fear getting hands on with the creative process, but instead love to pull up our sleeves and get into it -  the details. So that's what we did! 

We created Prettypegs for creative people just like us, who embrace style and design and enjoy Ikea hacks, DIY, and caring for furniture pieces that shape the story of a beloved home.

Being in Sweden, IKEA is like mother's milk to us and we could easily see that the possibilities to upcycle and hack Ikea furniture were endless. We have now steered our attention to doorknobs, fronts and legs in all sizes, shapes and colors - so that your creative inspiration can run free.  

Today, Prettypegs is well on the way to becoming what we imagined in the car that Saturday. A source of inspiration that can help shape ideas and add a personal touch to almost every piece of IKEA furniture imaginable. 

What started out as a Saturday where the sofa was ugly, turned out to be a pretty good ride after all!