Legs and knobs for IKEA and other furniture

Legs for Storage Furniture

Replacement furniture legs for your IKEA chest of drawers, cupboards, TV stand and other storage furniture.

Knobs & Handles

Personalize your IKEA doors with our knobs and handles! Most of our knobs can also be used as wall hooks.


How The Pros Style Their Homes

Sofa Legs in Various Styles

Prettypegs sofa legs combine classic Scandinavian simplicity with colorful playfulness.

Table Legs in Different Heights

Short, long, wide or slim. Wood or steel. Sober black or playful pink, - here you'll find the table legs that suit you and your table top.

Bed Legs in Wood and Metal

Prettypegs offers replacement bed legs for a more personalized bedroom. Works just as well for IKEA beds as for other brands.

Home Accessories

Accessorize your home with our collections of Candle Holders, Wall Hooks and Leather Socks for our furniture feet!

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