Legs for IKEA Kallax Storage Unit

In need of new furniture legs for your IKEA Kallax storage unit? Browse through Prettypegs’ large collection of metal and wooden furniture legs in different heights and colors in order to give your IKEA Kallax storage an exclusive and unique appearance in an easy way!

IKEA Kallax with Prettypegs legs and knobs

Legs for Kallax

Breathe new life into your IKEA Kallax shelving unit with Prettypegs' selection of elegant and sturdy legs. Our range of legs, available in both wooden and metal finishes, are designed to effortlessly attach to your Kallax unit, providing both aesthetic charm and enhanced functionality. Whether you're aiming for a modern, industrial look with our metal legs or prefer the warmth and coziness of our wooden legs, Prettypegs allows you to effortlessly customize your Kallax to match your unique style and home décor.

Legs for Expedit

Revitalize your IKEA Expedit shelving unit with Prettypegs' premium range of legs. Crafted to ensure perfect compatibility with the Expedit unit, our legs come in a variety of materials, including metal and wood, and in a multitude of finishes. By introducing these stylish legs to your Expedit, you can elevate the unit from practical storage to a striking piece of furniture that accentuates your room's aesthetic and stands out in your living space.

Add Legs to a KALLAX Shelf - Is it Possible?

Yes, adding legs to a KALLAX shelf is not only possible, but it's also a straightforward process that can significantly transform and elevate your furniture. Prettypegs provides a universal fitting plate for this purpose, making the installation a breeze. Start by turning your KALLAX shelf upside down. Identify the spots where you wish to install the legs, ensuring they're evenly spaced for optimal support. Attach the universal fitting plates at the marked spots using the provided screws. Once the plates are securely installed, screw the Prettypegs legs into these plates. Now, your KALLAX shelf stands taller, with an enhanced and stylish look

Kallax vs. Expedit - What's the Difference?

While both Kallax and Expedit are popular IKEA shelving units, the primary difference lies in their design evolution. Expedit, the predecessor of Kallax, has thicker outer borders while Kallax units have a slimmer design that uses less material but maintains the same durability. Both are highly customizable, and thanks to Prettypegs' range of legs, can be modified to fit any aesthetic, from rustic to modern. Whether you have an Expedit or a Kallax, adding our customized legs can significantly enhance your shelving unit's look and functionality.