Transform your plain IVAR pieces into stylish and customized masterpieces! Combine our cabinet legs, knobs and handles together with the signature fluted IVAR panels and create a unique result that reflects your creativity and style. Get ready to unleash your inner designer and give your home a fresh new look.

IKEA Ivar Hack Panels

Instagram-Worthy IVAR Hack 101

Transform your space with a stylish and personalized Ikea Ivar design using legs, knobs, and front panels. Follow these steps to create an envy-inducing home:

  1. Choose your Ivar base: Select the shelving unit or cabinet that suits your needs.

  2. Add furniture legs: Elevate your Ivar with eye-catching legs like hairpin or metal ones.

  3. Front panel magic: Conceal clutter and add a custom-built look with our flutted front panel.

  4. Jazz it up with knobs: Swap out basic knobs for unique designs that complement your decor.

  5. Unleash your creativity: Experiment with colors, patterns, and techniques like paint, washi tape, or wallpaper.

Three IVAR hacks we love! 

Choosing which legs, knobs, fronts, and color to go for can be tricky. That’s why we teamed up with Sweden’s leading decorative paint brand – Beckers and created three different styles of combinations, design, and color palette. Check out the IVAR Hacks here!