One IKEA Kallax - Seven Different Styles!

Feb 29, 2024


IKEA Kallax

Who says your IKEA Kallax has to be like everyone else's? Not us! Wave goodbye to the ordinary and hello to extraordinary with just a few tweaks. Dive into the world of IKEA hacks, where the magic of replacement furniture legs and stylish knobs and handles turns your humble Kallax into the star of your space. Whether it's your trusty cabinet, that all-too-familiar TV stand, or the drawer unit that's seen better days, we've got six dazzling styles that'll spark your creativity and make your furniture truly yours. Let's get styling!

Kallax Hack 1: Bold & Chunky - A Statement of Strength and Style

Transform your IKEA Kallax into a masterpiece of boldness and chunkiness with our 300mm walnut finish legs. Paired with sleek chrome handles, including the Hjördis and Clas knobs, this combination is ideal for those looking to make a statement. Perfect for a living room centerpiece or an avant-garde TV stand, this style captivates and sparks conversations. Imagine this robust design anchoring your living space, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical storage solutions.

IKEA Kallax Hack with Prettypegs
Bertil 300 Walnut finish

Bertil 300

495.00 SEK

Hjördis 80 Shiny Chrome

Hjördis 80

119.00 SEK

Clas 30Ø Shiny Chrome

Clas 30Ø 2-pack

199.00 SEK

Kallax Hack 2: Elegant & Sleek - The Essence of Minimalist Sophistication

For a touch of understated elegance, choose our Clas 160 legs and matching knobs in faded sand. This style embodies the minimalist yet sophisticated aesthetic, perfect for fans of Scandinavian design. It's an excellent choice for creating a serene and refined atmosphere, transforming your Kallax into a sleek storage solution or a chic TV stand. The subtle hues and clean lines will complement any minimalist decor, enhancing the sense of space and tranquility.

IKEA Kallax hack
Clas 160 Sand

Clas 160

229.00 SEK

Clas 30Ø Faded Sand

Clas 30Ø

99.00 SEK

Kallax Hack 3: Classic Charm - Old-School Cool

Bring back the charm with Hedvig little legs in shiny brass, coupled with walnut knobs and handles. This style's all about warming up the room with a nod to the classics. It's for the Kallax that wants to be more than just a storage unit—it wants to tell a story.

IKEA Kallax Hack with brass legs and knobs
Hedvig Little 160 Shiny Brass

Hedvig Little 160

175.00 SEK

Lilian 40Ø Genuine Walnut

Lilian 40Ø

95.00 SEK

Felix 200 Dark wood finish

Felix 200

155.00 SEK

Kallax Hack 4: Playful & Whimsical - A Splash of Joy

Brighten your space with a playful twist using our Siri 160 legs in cloudy pink and Big Bill knobs. Perfect for Kallax units in playrooms or any spot needing a cheerful lift. This IKEA hack transforms your storage into a fun, vibrant feature, proving functional can also be fantastically fun.

IKEA Kallax Hack
Siri 160 Cloudy Pink

Siri 160

195.00 SEK

Big Bill 55Ø Ash natural

Big Bill 55Ø

99.00 SEK

Kallax Hack 5: Scandinavian Nature - Effortless Elegance

For those who love the clean, minimalist lines of Scandinavian design, our Folke 170 legs and Bill knobs in solid FSC-certified oak are the perfect IKEA hack for your Kallax shelf. This style transforms your Kallax unit into an embodiment of Nordic tranquility, bringing a serene and inviting atmosphere to any space. It's an ideal choice for a Kallax shelf that serves as a cabinet or TV stand, where simplicity and functionality are key and promotes a calm and clutter-free environment.

IKEA Kallax unit shelf
Folke Little 170 Oak Natural

Folke Little 170

155.00 SEK

Bill 40Ø Oak Natural

Bill 40Ø

89.00 SEK

Bill 30Ø Oak Natural

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Kallax Hack 6: Contrasts & Bold Shapes - A Kallax unit that stands out

Mix it up with Otto 100 legs in matte black and Bill 40 knobs, also in matte black, for a Kallax that's bold and dramatic. This choice is for those who love to make a statement with contrasts and aren't afraid to stand out. This IKEA hack will not only turn heads but also become the conversation starter you never knew you needed.

IKEA Kallax hack
Otto 100 Black

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

Bill 40Ø Black

Bill 40Ø

89.00 SEK

Kallax Hack 7: Scandinavian Mid-Century Charm

Elevate your Kallax with Sven 120 and Frida 80 legs in oak, complemented by Cals 30 knobs in chrome for a dash of Scandinavian Mid-Century flair. This IKEA hack blends the warmth of oak with the sleek shine of chrome, giving your Kallax shelf a timeless yet modern appeal. Perfect for those looking to infuse their decor with a touch of retro charm and Scandinavian aesthetics, this style not only adds an elegant note to your space but also creates an atmosphere that's both welcoming and inspiring.

IKEA Kallax Hack
Frida 80 Oak Natural

Frida 80

115.00 SEK

Clas 30Ø Shiny Chrome

Clas 30Ø 2-pack

199.00 SEK

Easy Leg Assembly for Your Kallax

Quickly Transform Your Kallax

Customizing your IKEA Kallax with stylish legs is made effortless, thanks to our universal fitting plate. No need to worry about the lack of pre-drilled M8 holes on your Kallax—our solution has you covered.

How It Works

With every leg purchase for your Kallax, you'll receive a universal fitting plate and all the necessary screws. This plate bridges the gap, enabling you to attach our elegant legs without any drilling or hassle.

Simple Steps

  1. Attach the Plate: Fix the universal fitting plate to the Kallax base using the provided screws.

  2. Screw on the Legs: Fasten the legs to the plate. It's that easy.

This streamlined process ensures your Kallax upgrade is not just beautiful but also stable and secure. For a step-by-step visual guide, don't miss our handy video tutorial. Elevate your Kallax in no time!

Universal Fitting Plate

Universal fitting plate

35.00 SEK

It's Your Turn: Make Magic Happen!

It's time to showcase your creativity and enjoy the makeover journey. Which look will you pick? Your Kallax, your masterpiece!

Discover how others have reinvented their Kallax with our customer hacks blog post and find the perfect legs for your project in our full collection of legs for IKEA Kallax. Make your furniture truly yours!


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