Our 13 Favorite IKEA Hacks and DIYs of 2023!

Dec 19, 2023


Welcome to a treasure trove of inspiration – our annual round-up of the most inventive, stylish IKEA hacks and DIY projects shared by you, our amazing Prettypegs community!

From clever twists on the classic IKEA Ivar to stylish reimaginings of the Bestå TV stand, and cozy makeovers of the Söderhamn, your creations have not only inspired us but sparked a wave of creativity among all our followers. Each project is a beautiful reminder of how personal touches can transform a space.

So, pour yourself a cup, find your coziest spot, and get ready to be filled with inspiration as we unveil the best IKEA hacks and DIYs of the year.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their projects – your enthusiasm and flair for design are what make our Prettypegs community so special. Let’s enjoy the journey together!

1. First out - Emma's Vintage Sofa Hack – A Stunning Transformation with Paint and Couch Legs!

In the world of furniture transformations, Emma from formandbalance has taken DIY to a whole new level with her incredible vintage sofa hack. This stunning makeover turned a neglected warehouse sale find into the sofa of her dreams – and ours too!

Sofa Upcycling with couch legs

Tutorial Highlights:

  1. Prep Work: Emma emphasizes the importance of giving your sofa a thorough clean before starting the transformation.

  2. Custom Color Mix: Learn how Emma achieved the perfect deep Olive green shade by mixing Fabricoat from furnitureclinic with a touch of dark brown.

  3. Painting Process: Discover the technique of dampening the fabric and applying the paint evenly, ensuring a flawless finish.

  4. Softness Preservation: Emma shares the secret to maintaining the fabric's softness by using an upholstery brush during the painting process.

  5. Upholstery Upgrade: Flip over the sofa, staple on a layer of dark fabric tightly, and witness the magic of a refreshed look.

  6. Final Touch: Elevate your revamped sofa with the ideal furniture feet from @prettypegs, adding that perfect finishing touch.

Emma's transformative journey not only showcases the power of creativity but also highlights the impact of small changes. Witness the sofa's rebirth and be inspired to embark on your own furniture rejuvenation project.

A huge shoutout to Emma for generously sharing this iconic sofa transformation with us. Don't miss out on the chance to revitalize your space – follow her tutorial and embrace the beauty of DIY magic, complete with the perfect Prettypegs couch legs!

Otto 100 Black

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

2. A Chic and Quick Bestå TV stand Transformation

Witness a small makeover evolve into a bold statement with Lucie's ingenious IKEA hack! She effortlessly transformed her old IKEA Bestå TV-unit from mundane to chic, all thanks to a tiny yet impactful detail – Prettypegs Majken handles in sleek black. Crafted from FSC certified ash wood, these handles not only add a touch of sophistication but also offer the flexibility for creative expression.

IKEA Hack with IKEA Bestå Unit and handles

What makes these handles so great is the freedom to craft your own pattern. Lucie, with her creative flair, opted for symmetrical S shapes, and the result is absolutely captivating!

Majken 200 Black

Majken 200

175.00 SEK

3. Style Meets Practicality: Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein's IKEA Platsa Hack Unveiled!

Discover the art of transforming practicality into style with interior architect Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein. In her enchanting Nursery Transformation, she introduces an IKEA Platsa cabinet hack, featuring vibrant round Otto legs and playful Bill knobs. This creative fusion turns functionality into an artistic focal point, addressing storage needs with a touch of aesthetic flair.

IKEA Hack - IKEA Platsa with new legs and knobs
Bill 30Ø Cloudy Pink

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Bill 30Ø Graphite Green

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Bill 30Ø Oak Natural

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Otto 100 White

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

Explore the magic and see all our furniture legs for IKEA Platsa here.

4. A DIY Dream Coffee Table!

In collaboration with the incredibly creative Rebecca from @rebfre, witness the perfect blend of natural materials, earthy hues, and DIY ingenuity that has turned a simple wooden board into an über-cool sanctuary.

DIY Sofa Table with Prettypegs Table Legs

The Transformation Unveiled:

1. Sketching Organic Brilliance: Rebecca began by sketching the envisioned organic shape, setting the stage for a one-of-a-kind creation.

2. Jigsaw Precision: With precision and flair, a jigsaw was used to cut the plank, bringing the envisioned shape to life.

3. Walnut Stain Elegance: The magic continued with a touch of walnut stain, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood and infusing elegance into every fiber.

4. How to attach the Bertil coffee table legs: Our universal fitting plates are always included when you buy legs for a table top. Just screw the plates on to the wooden board and then screw the coffee table legs on.

5. Personalized Styling: The pièce de résistance — the table comes to life as @rebfre styles it with her most cherished lamp.

Are you ready to infuse your space with this DIY charm?

A massive thank you to @rebfre for this incredible inspiration!

Bertil 300 Walnut finish

Bertil 300

495.00 SEK

5. A DIY Dream: The Nightstand Revival

Interior architect Ulrika Lever demonstrates the art of the IKEA hack with her latest project—a Vikhammer nightstand found at a flea market and reimagined into a piece of elegance. Ulrika painted the nightstand in NCS color 0520-R, the same hue as the walls, creating a seamless and stylishly coherent look in the room.

For a splash of luxury, she fitted the piece with Prettypegs' Hedvig wide legs in shiny brass and a vintage glass knob. These replacement furniture legs not only elevate the stand but also add a touch of glam, perfectly encapsulating Ulrika's vision of simple, yet impactful DIY design.

IKEA Hack Vikhammer
Hedvig Wide 160 Shiny Brass

Hedvig Wide 160

445.00 SEK

6. The IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hack with Grooves and Tall Furniture Legs

Discover the charm of practicality with Kerstin von Sanvie's IKEA Ivar hack. With a touch of ingenuity, she's transformed the classic cabinet into a playful yet sophisticated storage space. The doors now feature three milled grooves and are painted in a forrest green, while our Frank tall legs give the piece a modern lift. It's the perfect stylish solution for keeping kids' toys out of sight and maintaining a tidy room. This Ivar hack isn't just smart storage—it's a statement piece that brings a dash of elegance to the playroom.

Folke Tall 170 Ash natural

Folke Tall 170

275.00 SEK

7. One sofa - two different styles

Transform your living room with this other fab IKEA hack by Lucie Starecka! Explore two distinct styles for the beloved IKEA Söderhamn sofa, each uniquely enhanced with Prettypegs couch legs.

In the first style, Lucie showcases the charm of Prettypegs Svea legs in bright ash, infusing the sofa with a delightful light and airy ambiance.

IKEA Hack: IKEA Söderhamn with replacement couch legs
Svea 150 Ash natural

Svea 150

185.00 SEK

IKEA Hack - IKEA Söderhamn with couch legs

Meanwhile, in the second style, experience the sophistication brought by Prettypegs Folke legs in matte black, elevating the overall look with a touch of timeless elegance. Crafted from FSC-certified ash wood, both leg styles merge style with sustainability for a conscientious choice.

Indulge in the beauty of personalization curated by Lucie Starecka – and here's the exciting twist: you can easily change the look over seasons! Simply swap out the couch legs to transition between styles effortlessly.

Folke Little Black

Folke Little 170

155.00 SEK

8. Anna's Amazing IKEA Hack: A Stunning IVAR Makeover

Wow! Check out how Anna from @finhetermedmera transformed her IVAR cabinets with our Fluted Ivar panels – a perfect example of an IKEA hack done right! A little paint, some glue, and presto: her living room is now effortlessly upgraded. We're absolutely loving the stunning, chic result – DIY magic at its finest!

IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hack

And let's not forget the final touch that truly elevates this piece: our Hedvig Little legs in shiny brass. These sleek additions lift the IVAR to new heights, adding a burst of elegance and a modern twist. Anna's choice of these shiny brass legs perfectly complements her design, showcasing how a simple change can make a world of difference.

Fluted Ivar Panels

Fluted Ivar Panels

849.00 SEK

Hedvig Little 160 Shiny Brass

Hedvig Little 160

175.00 SEK

9. Unlock Your Creativity with this IKEA Hack: Transforming Väljare Cabinet into a Stylish Night Cabinet!

If you're fortunate enough to live in a region where IKEA offers the innovative Väljare cabinet box, consider yourself lucky! This versatile piece opens up a world of endless IKEA hacking opportunities, and we're absolutely loving it.

IKEA Hack: IKEA Väljare cabinet with furniture legs

Take a cue from influencer @Jessidelanour, who ingeniously transformed two Väljare cabinets into the most adorable night cabinet for her daughter's room. The process is surprisingly simple yet highly impactful—all you need are two IKEA Väljare cabinet boxes, a wooden board as a sturdy base, and Prettypegs furniture legs equipped with universal fitting plates. Voilá! You've effortlessly elevated these cabinets into a stylish and personalized night cabinet.

Folke Little 170 Oak Natural

Folke Little 170

155.00 SEK

10. Scandinavian minimalism for your living room! 

If there was ever a piece of IKEA furniture made for hacking, it has to be the Ivar cabinet. It's beautiful in its simplicity and can be varied infinitely since it's made from untreated solid pine.

Finnish influencer Mia Lehikoinen decided to keep its raw finish and to elevate it with our Folke legs in ash natural and Britta handles in shiny brass. The result is a timeless piece with a warm Scandinavian vibe ready to meet spring! 

IKEA HAck - IKEA Ivar with furniture legs
Folke Little Ash natural

Folke Little 170

155.00 SEK

11. Playful Perfection: Charlotte's IKEA Duktig Kitchen Hack with a Splash of Color and Frank Handles!

Charlotte fromscandinaviandesign turned playtime into a design masterpiece. She hacked the IKEA Duktig kitchen with a pop of color and our Frank handles in solid oak—because even mini chefs deserve a stylish workspace. And the best part,- no need to drill new holes, they match the original handles' CC measurements.

IKEA Hack Duktig
Frank 180 Oak Natural

Frank 180

139.00 SEK

Frank 180 Oak Natural

Frank 180

139.00 SEK

12. The IKEA Moppe Drawer Hack goes book bin

For Maren Kruth, the IKEA Moppe shelf has always been part of her life. As a little girl, she used it to store her keepsakes, such as beads and other craft materials. Now, she takes inspiration from her 3-year-old daughter as they use the Moppe drawer for organizing children’s books. See more of Maren's IKEA Hacks!

Glamming the Moppe drawer with Prettypegs Barbro legs and stripes in a beautiful pattern, surely added that unique and personal touch to her daughter’s room. With simple and easy hacks, the Barbro legs highlighted the beauty of the shelf.

IKEA HAck: IKEA Moppe Bookbin

How to do the IKEA Hack:

The IKEA Moppe drawer is such a versatile drawer. And just like Maren, you may have one in need of a little TLC. If not, then looking for a secondhand is also great, and glam it up with Prettypegs Barbro legs for a more spectacular view in your room. Here’s how to do the hack:

1. Remove the drawers.

2. Make the necessary measurements where the tapes should be placed to cover the areas where you don’t want to be painted.

3. Choose your favorite paint color. In this hack, Maren used a darker shade of red to add a striped pattern.

4. Attach the Prettypegs furniture legs Barbro legs to the back side of the IKEA drawer, in this case using mounting glue since the back of the drawer is too thin to fasten our universal fitting plate with screws.

5. Place it in your chosen spot in the room where you can store your books, magazines, and other belongings.

6. Enjoy a good book with your toddler!

Barbro 100 Ash natural

Barbro 100

195.00 SEK

13. Subtle Elegance Redefined: How Walnut Accents add Warmth and Elegance to any Kitchen

Elevate every detail in your kitchen with a touch of sophistication. Interior architect Karen from makingspacesnet knows it's the fine touches that transform a space. These walnut finish knobs and handles from Prettypegs add an elegant warmth that's hard to miss. Complemented by the base cabinets, painted in the serene 'Madeleine' by Little Greene, this kitchen is a testament to style and functionality entwined.

Knobs and Handles for Kitchen
Bill 30Ø Walnut finish

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Frank 150 Walnut finish

Frank 150

119.00 SEK

And That's a Wrap On our Favorite IKEA Hacks of 2023!

A huge, twinkling thank you to all you wonderful souls in our community who keep the inspiration flowing like a never-ending stream of creativity. Your flair and imagination light up our world, and we're so grateful for every snippet of DIY magic you share.

Keep on being the amazing trendsetters that you are, dazzling us with your inventive hacks and home transformations. We're already excited for the next wave of your brilliant ideas. Until then, happy hacking, and remember, every little knob, leg, and panel you add makes our Prettypegs family a little more fabulous. Thank you for being the heart of our playful design journey!

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We are proud to be in the forefront with a fresh design element in home decor styling – furniture feet! This grounding detail has been cast aside for too long and is now getting it's deserved attention. At Prettypegs we are passionate about details and design, and we all know that a unique accessory, like stunning jewelry or shoes will lift a personality. The same goes with furniture.