Discover the Latest in IKEA Ivar cabinet hacking: The Ivar DIY Collection

Feb 15, 2022

Meet the new Ivar Diy Collection

Since we’re all crazy about hacking IKEA’s popular IVAR cabinet, we are now launching a range of untreated legs, knobs and fluted fronts together with Sweden's leading paint brand - Beckers. The collection is super easy to attach and ready for you to paint in your favorite colour(s). Best of all, it requires next-to-no DIY skills and is perfect for all DIY-newbies :)

Prettypegs panels for IKEA Ivar cabinets

The new collection, named The Ivar DIY Collection, really shows how the untreated cabinet in solid wood makes the perfect blank canvas for creativity. Select from a range of four untreated leg models, knobs and fluted fronts - super easy to attach with regular wooden glue and ready to be painted in your favourite colour. 

Ivar cabinet hack with Prettypegs panels, replacement legs and knobs

Three different hacks to copy: 

Choosing which legs, knobs, fronts, and colour to go for can be a bit tricky though. To make things a bit easier for you, we teamed up with Beckers and created three different styles of combinations, design, and colour palette, all inspired by their 2022 colour trends. 

Best of all, these simple hacks require next-to-no DIY skills and is perfect for all DIY newbies who want to add a personal twist. So, here we go!:) 

1: First out - Hey Stylish!

In the colour trend “Hey Stylish”, you will find deep shades and a flirtation with the elegant hotel style that will make your home look and feel like a chic boutique hotel. We started out by painting the Ivar cabinet in a steel blue colour and matched it with slender legs and slim handles. The legs Sven RAW and handles Felix RAW are also painted in a Steel Blue color (NCS 3614-B11G) for a luxurious monochrome look. 

IKEA Ivar cabinet with Prettypegs knobs and furnitiure legs

IKEA IVAR  - Stålblå NCS: 3614-B11G 2. Felix 400 Raw - Stålblå NCS: 3614-B11G 3. Sven 170 Raw - Stålblå NCS: 3614-B11G 4. Dijon NCS: 2437-Y05R 5. Soft NCS: 2005-Y15R 6. Salvia NCS: 4708-G31Y 7. Khaki NCS: 3217-G98Y

Felix 400 RAW (untreated)

Felix 400

165.00 SEK

Sven 170 Ash natural

Sven 170

155.00 SEK

2: In Beige We Trust

In the color trend “In Beige We Trust.”, the color scale is toned down and close to nature, which gives a soft and calm feeling. The Ivar cabinet and the fluted Ivar fronts are painted in a soft beige Camee (NCS S 1002-Y50R), together with the legs Bertil 100 in a slightly white-stained ash that gives a discreet and natural look.

IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hack with Prettypegs fronts and furniture legs

IVAR front panel - Camee NCS: S 1002-Y50R 2. Bertil 100 Raw - Natural lacquer 3. Hortensia NCS: 3319-R49B 4. Toffee NCS: 5410-Y32R 5. Chateau NCS: 2206-Y75R

Bertil 100 RAW (untreated)

Bertil 100

345.00 SEK

Fluted Ivar Panels

Fluted Ivar Panels

849.00 SEK

3. Last but not least - Sea Ya! 

The “Sea Ya” colour trend combines stripes with slightly stronger tones that gives home a wonderful feeling of joy and energy that becomes like a happy exclamation point in any room. Ivar front panels are painted in a caramel pink (NCS 1820-Y97R). The knobs Big Bill 55 and the legs Otto 100 can be bought prepainted in the color Henna (NCS S 3060-Y90R). The left cabinet is painted in Tundra (NCS 2107-Y27R), and the legs Folke in Pumpa (NCS S 2040-Y20R).

IKEA Ivar Cabinet with fluted fronts, legs and knobs

IVAR front panel - Karamell NCS: 1820-Y97R 2. Folke Tall 170 Raw - Pumpa NCS: S 2040-Y20R 3. Aloe Vera NCS: S 5020-G30Y  4. Otto 100 Raw: Henna NCS: S 3060-Y90R 5. Bill 55Ø Raw: Henna NCS: S 3060-Y90R 6. Tundra NCS: 2107-Y27R 7. Våg NCS: S 6010-R90B  8. Henna NCS: S 3060-Y90R 9. Snäckskal NCS: 1603-Y23R

Big Bill 55Ø RAW (untreated)

Big Bill 55Ø

89.00 SEK

Folke Tall 170 RAW (untreated)

Folke Tall 170

275.00 SEK

Otto 100 RAW (untreated)

Otto 100

195.00 SEK


We are proud to be in the forefront with a fresh design element in home decor styling – furniture feet! This grounding detail has been cast aside for too long and is now getting it's deserved attention. At Prettypegs we are passionate about details and design, and we all know that a unique accessory, like stunning jewelry or shoes will lift a personality. The same goes with furniture.