Did Anybody Say IVAR?

Published on 11/04/2016 Contributor: Raquel Linner Özmen

Well, this is one unexpected IVAR hack we got here! You need to take a second look to see that this amazing design actually came from a simple Ikea wooden storage unit. This is why we love recycling and DIY projects! The end results are often such unique pieces that bring personality to an interior!

We love how interior designer Raquel with the instagram account 15RUM was inspired by her mother's old cabinet and had her local carpenter mill the pattern and laquer the doors in her favorite grey color.

Congrats Raquel from 15RUM on this creative piece! Our Estelle 480 pegs never looked better!

Shop the look here: Estelle 480

Raquel Linner Özmen

Raquel Linner Özmen


Check out this aspiring interior designer with an eye for the coolest interiors. Scandinavian inspired with a lavish twist of fabulous decor! Definitely not one to miss out on!


Instagram: @15rum

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