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Tora 28Ø

Knob in steel

Color - Shiny Chrome

Where will you attach the knob?



79.00 SEK


Product Details

This classic steel knob with clean lines will add some extra spark to you cabinet doors or to your wall if used as a wall hook. Tora comes in Shiny Chrome and Misty Gold which creates a stylish yet modern look


Measures: 28Øx25 mm / 1.1Ø"x1" Door thickness: Min 12mm / 0.5", Max 20mm / 0.8" Material: steel

Assembly of knobs

- Mark where on the cabinet door the knob is to be mounted, usually about 4-5 cm from each side of the corner.

- Drill a hole from the outside of the door, suitable for a 4 mm screw.

- Place the knob on the outside of the door and fasten the knob with a screwdriver from the inside.

Fittings included.

Mounting knobs

Assembly of wall hook

1 - Screw the dowel screw all the way into the hook.

2 - Drill a hole in your wall, use the appropriate plug for your wall type (not included).

3 - Screw the hook into the hole (or hole with plug).

NOTE! Different walls need different plugs. The dowel screw is included but no plug.

Mounting instruction for Wall hook

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