Luke Arthur Wells

Interior stylist, designer, and tastemaker from the United Kingdom. Known for his love for minimalism, this British Interior Designer can surely transform any ordinary-looking room into something awe-inspiring.

Luke had been on the look for a new cabinet for his bedroom for ages, but could not find anything that was exciting him. IKEA’s Havsta cabinet was the only cabinet he could find that was around the size and shape he wanted, but in all honesty, he found it just too plain. He bought it anyway, and decided to figure out something to do with it. And wow, did he succeed?!

IKEA Havsta Wardrobe Hack

You will surely agree that this is a stunning IKEA hack. Customizing the IKEA Havsta this way takes a bit of work and patience. However, this hack will be simple once you have mastered the preparations.

The colors and design complement the overall appearance of the room, and to achieve this style, you will need the following: matching paint, wooden rods, Prettypegs Lilian knobs, and Otto 100 legs.

Otto 100 RAW (untreated)

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

Lilian 40Ø RAW (untreated)

Lilian 40Ø

79.00 SEK

A quick step by step

  1. Measure the inset of the cabinet door and cut half dowels to size.

  2. Place all the dowels roughly on the door and start to mark out your pattern with a pencil.

  3. Choose your color palette! Using a fine painter’s tape, tape over your lines and paint the center section first.

  4. Once the first section is painted and dried, remove the tape. Re-tape over the now painted section, paying close attention, and paint the other two ends. Two coats again please!

  5. Once dried, we can get to sticking. Start on the inside edge, and if you find that the dowels don’t fit exactly, you’ll need to sand down the edge on the last dowels to be fixed. You can use spray adhesive because it’s quick and you won’t want these dowels shifting around while they dry.

  6. Once stuck, give the whole cabinet a once over with a clear, matte varnish.

  7. Last but not least, add your Prettypegs legs and knobs. And voilá!

Luke's attention to detail makes his creations unique and exciting. If you love customized furniture pieces and rooms, you will admire the works of Luke Wells. You can find more of his hacks here.