Legs for IKEA Kallax TV Bench

Give Your IKEA Kallax TV Stand a fresh twist with our collection of replacement legs. Our designed assortment boasts both whimsical wood and modern metal options, all available in a variety of playful colors, sizes, and styles. It's a fun, easy way to add a dash of personality and exclusivity to your space.

Kallax TV Bench

IKEA Kallax TV Bench

Turn your IKEA Kallax TV bench into a unique piece! Offering both charming wooden and chic metal finishes, our legs are a breeze to attach, instantly adding a pop of personality and extra stability to your Kallax. Whether you're drawn to the sleek, modern vibes of our metal options or the warm, inviting feel of wood, Prettypegs makes it easy to personalize your space.

Legs for Expedit TV Bench

Revitalize your IKEA Expedit TV bench with Prettypegs' premium range of legs. Crafted to ensure perfect compatibility with the Expedit TV unit, our legs come in a variety of materials, including metal and wood, and in a multitude of finishes. By adding these stylish legs to your Expedit, you can elevate the unit from practical storage to a striking piece of furniture that accentuates your room's aesthetic and stands out in your living space.

Kallax vs. Expedit - What's the Difference?

Both the Kallax and Expedit are favored shelving units from IKEA, but they differ mainly in their design progression. The Expedit, which came before Kallax, features thicker outer edges, whereas the Kallax showcases a more streamlined silhouette that conserves materials without compromising on sturdiness. Each unit offers extensive customization possibilities, and with Prettypegs' selection of legs, they can be adapted to any style, from classic to contemporary. Adding our bespoke legs to either an Expedit or a Kallax can dramatically uplift the appearance and utility of your shelving unit.

Can You Add Legs to an IKEA KALLAX TV Bench? Absolutely!

Enhancing your IKEA KALLAX TV bench with legs is not just doable; it's an easy upgrade that can majorly boost the look and functionality of your piece. With Prettypegs' handy universal fitting plates, installation is effortless. Simply flip your KALLAX TV bench over, decide where you'd like the legs to go for the best stability, and attach the universal fitting plates at those points with the screws provided. Then, just twist the Prettypegs legs into place on these plates. In no time, your KALLAX TV bench will not only stand taller but also boast a more refined and custom appearance.