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Gösta 80

Furniture leg in aluminum

Color - Black

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Product Details

Combine raw power with sophisticated elegance and a modern twist, and you'll end up with our new flat disc furniture leg - Gösta! Designed to take your IKEA sofa, bed or storage unit to the next level, you can choose which side to shine. Gösta is made from recycled steel and will surely make you love your IKEA furniture for a long time ahead. Gösta comes in brass, chrome and a matte black finish.


Height - 80 mm / 3,15 inches  Top width - 35x15 mm / 1,34 x 0,59 inches  Material: Aluminium

Assembly with M8 bolt

The M8 (8mm) bolt is a standard fitting that is compatible with a wide range of furniture types.

1 - Attach the bolt into the leg by hand and apply the plastic washer over the bolt.

2 - Apply the plastic disc over the bolt and mount the leg to the furniture’s pre drilled M8 thread.

The correct fittings will be included depending on which furniture model you choose in the next step.

Mounting instructions for M8-bolt

Assembly with Universal fitting plate

Our Universal Fitting Plate is adaptable to most furniture, as long it has a flat wooden surface (or frame) which can take screws. When your furniture legs have been added to the shopping cart, you will indicate which kind of furniture the legs will be mounted to, so that we can include the correct fitting option.

1 - Attach the plate with small screws in the corners of your furniture.

2 - Simply fasten the legs to the Universal fitting plate by hand.

Mounting instructions for universal fitting plate

Important notes

- Always attach your storage unit to a wall to avoid the risk of it falling over.

- As with all furniture legs - remember to put felt pads on to protect your floor.

- Be cautious not to bend the legs or damage the floor when flipping the furniture. We recommend to always be two people when attaching legs on larger furniture.

- We do not recommend Prettypegs for sofa-beds, since the foldable bed legs usually are not adjustable in height.

- If the material in your furniture is porous, it could be necessary to use longer and thicker screws than the ones included to fix the legs properly.


Gösta 80 fits these furniture models





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