Legs for IKEA Eket storage

Is your IKEA Eket storage unit in need of a new look? Prettypegs offer a broad collection of furniture legs in a large number of different heights and colors in both wood and metal so that you can simply swap the legs and give your IKEA Eket storage unit a new and exclusive appearance.

Legs for IKEA Eket

Wooden Legs for IKEA EKET

Reinvent your IKEA EKET storage units with Prettypegs' selection of wooden legs. Crafted from responsibly-sourced wood, our range of legs offer an easy and stylish way to introduce a warm, natural element into your home décor. Each leg is designed to ensure seamless compatibility with your EKET units, providing them with a visually appealing foundation that enhances their overall aesthetic. With a range of finishes to choose from, Prettypegs' wooden legs allow you to customize your EKET units to perfectly align with your unique interior style.

Metal Legs for EKET Cabinets

Revitalize your EKET cabinets with Prettypegs' premium range of metal legs. Perfectly compatible with IKEA EKET units, our metal legs offer an instant style upgrade that introduces a modern, industrial vibe into your home décor. Available in various finishes, from chrome to matte black, these robust and durable legs not only provide unwavering support to your EKET cabinets but also transform them into striking, contemporary pieces of furniture that stand out in any living space.