Replacement legs for IKEA Vimle sofa

Do you feel like your IKEA Vimle sofa is in need of an upgrade? Give your IKEA Vimle sofa a new and exclusive or fun appearance by simply switching the sofa legs to sofa legs from Prettypegs. Prettypegs offer a wide variety of sofa legs for the IKEA Vimle sofa in both metal and wood in a wide variety of colors and heights so that you are able to choose the sofa legs that you prefer.

Vimle Sofa Legs

IKEA Vimle Wooden legs

The IKEA VIMLE sofa series is known for its versatility and modern design, but it's the wooden legs that truly add a touch of elegance and functionality to these pieces. With a range of finishes and styles to choose from, our VIMLE wiiden legs allow you to customize your sofa to match your personal taste and home decor effortlessly.

IKEA Vimle Metal legs

A Contemporary Touch of Durability and Style! Upgrade your Vimle sofa with our Metal legs to add a contemporary touch of durability and style to your living space. Our metal Legs will elevate the overall look of your Vimle sofa and provide exceptional stability and support.