Legs for IKEA Ivar drawers

Give your IKEA Ivar drawers an updated and unique look by simply replacing the furniture legs. Prettypegs offer furniture legs in both wood and metal in a wide range of colors in order for you to easily be able to give your IKEA Ivar drawers a unique touch.

IVAR Drawer Unit Legs

Revitalize your IKEA IVAR drawer units with Prettypegs' selection of customizable and stylish legs. Our range, available in both wooden and metal finishes, is designed to complement your IVAR drawer units perfectly, providing both an aesthetic upgrade and enhanced functionality. Choose from the rustic charm of our wooden legs or the sleek, modern appeal of our metal legs. With Prettypegs, customizing your IVAR drawer units to reflect your unique style and home décor is a breeze.

IVAR Drawer Unit Hack Basics (It's the Legs...and Knobs)

Looking for a simple yet effective way to hack your IKEA IVAR drawer unit? The solution lies in upgrading both the legs and knobs. Prettypegs offers a range of high-quality legs and knobs in different materials and finishes that can completely transform your IVAR drawer unit. Start by attaching the Prettypegs universal fitting plate to the bottom of your unit using the provided screws, then screw in your chosen legs. Next, replace the standard knobs with our stylish options. This straightforward hack not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your IVAR unit but also adds a personalized touch, turning it into a standout piece of furniture that aligns perfectly with your taste and interior design.