Legs For IKEA Ivar Cabinet

In need of new furniture legs for your IKEA Ivar cabinet? Browse through Prettypegs’ large collection of metal and wooden furniture legs in different heights and colors in order to give your IKEA Ivar cabinet an exclusive and unique appearance in an easy way!

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IKEA Ivar cabinet

IVAR Cabinet Legs

Enhance your IKEA IVAR cabinets with Prettypegs' selection of stylish and functional legs. Available in both wooden and metal variants, our range of legs can provide a unique aesthetic upgrade to your IVAR cabinets. Whether you prefer the traditional charm of our wooden legs or the contemporary elegance of our metal legs, Prettypegs ensures perfect compatibility with your IVAR cabinets, enhancing both their look and usability.

Can You Put Legs on Ikea Ivar Cabinets? (Yes!)

Yes, indeed, you can add legs to your IKEA Ivar Cabinets. Prettypegs makes this process effortless with our universal fitting plates. Simply attach the fitting plate to the underside of your Ivar cabinet using the supplied screws. Once the fitting plate is securely in place, you can screw in your chosen Prettypegs legs. This simple enhancement can elevate the look and functionality of your Ivar Cabinets, making them a more customized fit within your living space.