The #PrettyBjelinDYI Challenge: Transforming Floor Waste into Creative Gems for Dining Tables, Desks, Coffee Tables, and More!

Feb 16, 2021


Home renovations often leave us with leftover building materials, and too often, these materials end up in landfills or taking up space in our garages. But what if there was a way to turn this floor waste into something creative and useful for your dining table, desk, coffee table, and more? That's the challenge Prettypegs and Bjelin are putting forth with their #PrettyBjelinDYI campaign. In this article, we'll explore the innovative collaboration between Bjelin, known for their sustainable wooden flooring, and Prettypegs, a company that specializes in furniture accessories, including furniture legs for sofas, cabinets and tables. Together, we want to inspire DIY enthusiasts and home improvers to make something extraordinary from those leftover planks.

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The #PrettyBjelinDYI Challenge

Bjelin specializes in offering sustainable wooden flooring made from a variety of wood types and designs. Prettypegs, on the other hand, is renowned for its accessories that can transform basic furniture into unique, personalized pieces. Together, these two companies are on a mission to inspire home improvers to take on the challenge of repurposing leftover floorboards in the new #PrettyBjelinDYI challenge, which is gaining traction on various social media platforms.

Bjelin's and Prettypegs Commitment to Sustainability

Bjelin is a pioneer in sustainable wooden flooring, committed to green innovation and minimal waste. In their modern and eco-friendly production process, every part of the wooden raw material is utilized efficiently. Wood chips and sawdust are transformed into a fine powder used to create new flooring under high pressure, resulting in minimal waste. Now, with the #PrettyBjelinDYI challenge, they aim to apply this innovative mindset to the installation phase and encourage participants to make the most of every plank and board.

At Prettypegs, we're committed to sustainability by encouraging people to prolong the life of their IKEA furniture. We provide customizable accessories like furniture legs, handles, and knobs, seamlessly integrating with IKEA furniture, allowing for personalization and style enhancements. Our mission is to reduce waste in the furniture industry by promoting creative upcycling, aligning with the eco-conscious spirit of the #PrettyBjelinDYI challenge in collaboration with Bjelin.

Inspiration from Nordic Remake

Designer Ida Hanson at Nordic Remake provides a stellar example of what the #PrettyBjelinDYI challenge is all about. She created a beautiful wooden bench using leftover planks and waste from a Bjelin hardened ash floor she had recently installed in her Umeå studio. The video showcasing her creative process is truly inspiring and highlights the potential of transforming waste into functional and visually appealing pieces of furniture.

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A Sustainable Solution

The #PrettyBjelinDYI challenge is not just about creative expression; it's also a sustainable solution to a growing problem. In Europe and the US, where Prettypegs and Bjelin primarily operate, approximately 20 million metric tons of furniture are discarded each year. This extensive waste of resources is something both companies are determined to combat. Prettypegs, in particular, is committed to making a positive contribution to the environment.

Participating in the Challenge

To encourage more people to take on the challenge, participants can enjoy a special incentive. By using the discount code "PrettyBjelin15" at Prettypegs' webshop, you can purchase furniture legs, handles, and knobs at a reduced price. If you're lacking the necessary materials, Bjelin is ready to assist you by providing leftover planks and materials from other #PrettyBjelinDYI projects.

Joining the challenge is simple. Share an image of your "remake" on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and be sure to include the hashtag #PrettyBjelinDYI in your post. Not only will you be showcasing your creativity, but you'll also be contributing to a more sustainable future.

Prizes for the Winners

The #PrettyBjelinDYI challenge comes with exciting rewards for the most creative and inspiring participants. The winner will receive a subscription to "The New Era Magazine," a publication focused on Scandinavian interior design, arts, and crafts. Additionally, they'll receive a voucher for both Prettypegs and Bjelin's webshops, allowing them to explore and purchase a wide range of furniture accessories and sustainable flooring materials.


The #PrettyBjelinDYI challenge by Prettypegs and Bjelin is a fantastic opportunity to transform leftover floorboards into something beautiful and practical. By participating in this challenge, you not only get a chance to showcase your creativity but also contribute to reducing the massive waste of furniture in our society. Take inspiration from Ida Hanson at Nordic Remake and explore the possibilities of repurposing floor waste. Join the challenge, share your innovative creations on social media, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Let's turn waste into wonderful furniture, one plank and a furniture leg at a time!

Note: This is an old blog article. Read about the winner here!

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