Elevate your culinary haven: Uncover 5 creative hacks with our table legs, knobs, and handles to transform your kitchen

Nov 29, 2021


Transforming kitchen details through clever hacks offers a cost-effective and straightforward method to infuse your kitchen with a distinctive and playful charm. Discover a wealth of accessible kitchen DIY inspiration below to embark on your creative journey!

1: Create Consistency with Matching Knobs

Achieving a harmonious and cohesive kitchen design is a key goal for many homeowners. One effective way to achieve this is by selecting knobs that perfectly match your cabinet doors and complement the overall interior style. In this image, Jana, one of our founders, exemplified this approach by incorporating our elegant FRANK 80 handle, painted in the same tone as for the cabinet doors and our BILL 30 knobs for the drawers.

This attention to detail not only adds a unique touch but also imparts a sense of consistency to the entire kitchen. It's worth noting that the kitchen frame is from IKEA, and the doors are supplied by the Swedish brand Järfälla Kök.

Bill 40Ø Ash natural

Bill 40Ø

89.00 SEK

2. Elevate Your Kitchen Decor with Innovative Wall Hangings

Discover a world of creativity with our versatile wall hooks. Transform your kitchen space into a stunning and organized showcase for your most exquisite accessories. The possibilities are endless – you can mix and match to achieve a natural, playful, or glamorous look. Plus, consider coordinating them with your kitchen knobs for a truly cohesive design.

When you opt for our knobs as hooks, rest assured that each comes with an included M4 wall screw for easy wall mounting. For a closer look, don't hesitate to explore our wall hooks. Transform your kitchen with style and functionality today!

3. Transform your second hand table & dining bench

A clever way to create a unique and homey dining area is to get your hands on a second hand dining table and replace the legs with a new pair. In this pic we see a redesigned table that matches the rest of the colors in the kitchen together with Prettypegs' table legs HARALD 700. 

And, why not get your hands on an old wooden board and add our SVEA 400 and you'll have your self a cute dining bench!  

Svea 440 Ash natural

Svea 440

225.00 SEK

Harald 700 Shiny Brass

Harald 700

395.00 SEK

4. Matching handles with tap, zink and countertop.

One of the easiest and most effectful way to create a coherent feeling in your kitchen is to match your handles with the rest of your kitchen hardwares.

In this kitchen we used our August handles in Chrome and matched them up with tap and zink, also in chrome. The countertop comes from Swedish Bricmate and is made from porcelain stoneware which is a hygienic, durable and environmentally friendly material that contains only natural raw materials (yay, no toxic additives:). The slabs can withstand a high level of wear from kitchen utensils and do not get stained which will make it look brand new for years to come. Check out BRICMATE for their full range of porcelaine stoneware and especially this pretty model called Norrvange Light Grey Matt. 

5. Bright kitchen refresh.

By repainting and switching handles on your kitchen cabinets, you can easily change the overall style in your kitchen. Check out these different kitchen hacks with focus on knobs and some paint. 

Warm minimalism by Courtney Nye

An affordable way to get the feeling of ‘a brand new kitchen’ is to do like interior designer Courtney Nye (@COURTNEYNYE). She brought her old kitchen shutters back to life with some paint and our Frank pulls in Ash Natural. The subtle sand colour together with the wooden details immediately gives an exclusive and timeless impression.

Dare those happy colors! 

Need a mood booster? Try mixing n' matching some of knobs in this season's trendiest colours Big Bill in Mellow Yellow, Frank in Trofast Blue, Bill 40 in Lilac Grey and Soft Terracotta. Imaging having your morning cofee in this happy kitchen and what that would do to your mood, right?! :)

Good luck with your kitchen DIYs!:) 

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