Back to School in Style with Trendy Table Legs

Jan 25, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for some serious reuse! We love a good thrift store; you never know how an old piece of furniture can surprise you. Along with Myrorna and a bunch of creative designers, we got into the fantastic DIY mood for a cool workshop in Stockholm.

Going back to school was always something we dreaded after a long and hot summer vacation. But Pernilla is here to spice it up a bit with a school desk like you've never seen before. You can also get creative thanks to the super cool chalkboard paint all over the desk. Plus, it has some storage underneath, so it's truly a vintage model

DIY School desk

The best thing about this transformation is being able to see the joy on the children's faces when they see this cool piece of furniture. They might even start liking going to school from now on.

Gear up and let's go shopping:

✓ An old school desk

✓ Chalkboard paint

✓ Brush/roller

✓ Sandpaper

Table leg Harald 480

We start by sanding the surface of the desk that we will later paint.

Of course, we asked Pernilla for some of her best advice when it comes to secondhand shopping:

1. Why do you think reuse is important and why do you like it?

For environmental reasons, it's clearly very important to use what we have instead of just consuming. Putting our own touch on an old piece of furniture also creates a more personal style in each of our homes.

2. What are the top 3 things to look for when shopping in a thrift store?

I like buying chairs, vases, and candleholders.

3. What are your favorite accessories/tools to use in a DIY project?

Paint, sandpaper, and accessories like handles, new rivets, leather details.

4. What interesting trends do you think are worth following when it comes to vintage shopping?

Different materials like marble, brass, and beautiful types of wood.

So, we hope you've had as much fun with this transformation as we have!

Sponsored by: Fredells/Bauhaus, Stockholm

In collaboration with: Myrorna, a Swedish thrift store

Creative hands: Interior designer Pernilla Jansson

This is an old blog post, and we have since updated our product range. See below for similar products.

Harald 480 Shiny Brass

Harald 480

285.00 SEK

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