Revamp Your Kitchen with Diverse Styles: A Comprehensive Guide!

May 20, 2023

Is it time to update your kitchen? Hold on a sec before you throw your whole kitchen out. Here are a few tricks to make your whole kitchen feel like new and more of you. It will save you time, money and the planet!

Knobs for kitchen
Bill 30Ø White

Bill 30Ø

79.00 SEK

Go classic

For a sophisticated look – go for our handles and knobs in steel, brass or matte black. Here are a few examples:

Agda 140 Matte gold

Agda 140

145.00 SEK

Maj 40Ø Shiny Brass

Maj 40Ø

119.00 SEK

Bodil 18Ø Black

Bodil 18Ø

119.00 SEK

Go colorful!

For a mood booster – go for one of our knobs or handles to add some yummy colors to your IKEA cabinet doors!

Colorful knobs for IKEA kitchen
Bill 40Ø Mint

Bill 40Ø

89.00 SEK

Frank 80 Soft Terracotta

Frank 80

89.00 SEK

Frida 120 Mellow Yellow

Frida 120

135.00 SEK

Go bold

Mixing different shapes will give your IKEA kitchen a truly unique look! Go for the same color for a more coherent look.

Unique handles for IKEA kitchen
Majken 200 Ash natural

Majken 200

175.00 SEK

Frida 120 Ash natural

Frida 120

135.00 SEK

Big Bill 55Ø Ash natural

Big Bill 55Ø

99.00 SEK

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