IKEA IVAR storage hack: Unlocking the latest trend in storage solutions with stylish furniture legs

Aug 22, 2016

The Ivar cabinet has been a popular choice for all Ikea lovers due to it’s versatility and perfect mix and match vibe. From a kid's room to a chic hallway piece, it can take different shapes and styles in order to fit perfectly with each space in your home.

Remember when we had standard furniture legs? We don’t! At least not anymore ;)

Since furniture should be playful and creative, be sure to be open to this new idea also of matching coffee table legs to storage units. It’s so crafty and it gives your piece an instant elegant scandinavian feel.

The internet is just filled with amazing ideas from people all around the world that were inspired for their own DIYs. So, locate your nearest screwdriver and paint store, we would love to see the results!

Explore our selection of IVAR legs.

IKEA Ivar hack with Prettypegs

Source: @prettypegs and @mynewplace_scandinavianhome

Hillevi 170 Graphite Green

Hillevi 170

195.00 SEK

IKEA Ivar hack

Source: @hemmahoseva

Estelle Slim 480 Ash natural

Estelle Slim 480

255.00 SEK

IKEA Ivar hack
Siri 160 Cloudy Pink

Siri 160

195.00 SEK


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