Revitalize Your Space: Transform Tired IKEA Pieces Into Stylish Custom Storage With These Hacks

Aug 17, 2021


These IKEA hacks show how to refresh your tired, time-worn IKEA pieces into stylish, customized storage treasure for any room in your home. With a few DIY skills and some creative thinking you could go from this...

To this...


Let's start out with one of the most popular IKEA pieces to hack is definetely the IVAR seies. It's beautiful in its simplicity and can be varied infinetely with its untreated wooden doors. They are also beyond practical and fit perfectly in narrow hallways or passages as sideboard storages. 

1. IKEA IVAR Tone on Tone

One of the easiest yet most effective IKEA Ivar hacks? Old fashioned paint and set of knobs! Painting the cabinets the same sand color as the walls creates a fancy monochrome, tone on tone effect. Adding wooden knobs brings warmth and a calming vibe to the room in the beautiful home of @homebyfell . It surely doesn't get much easier (or more stylish) than this.

Frank 80 Teak finish

Frank 80

89.00 SEK

2. IKEA IVAR Colour Blocks

You don't have to forfeit beauty when maximizing utility. This hack by @thebusyrooster combines two Ikea IVAR cabinets to create a stunningly colorful credenza. To take this IVAR to the next level, she painted them in contrasting (yet matching) colour blocks. And to get her new creation off the ground she added our Greta legs and Agda handles, both in matte black steel with knurled details to add some extra chiqness.

Greta 170 Black

Greta 170

265.00 SEK

Agda 140 Black

Agda 140

145.00 SEK

3. IKEA IVAR With Cane Doors

This hack takes a bit of work with the jigsaw, painting and attaching the rattan weave, but it surely transforms the inexpensive IVAR cabinet into a real designer piece! We love the warm notes and the sense of craftmanship in this pic. For a full tutorial, head over to @megmonde instagram account. Thank you Meg for inspiring us! :)

Hedvig Little 160 Shiny Brass

Hedvig Little 160

175.00 SEK

4. IKEA Bestå Kitchen Cabinet Hack 

If your small space kitchen is seriously short on storage, this easy Ikea Bestå hack by Annie from blairhousedesign will solve your problem. She used 3 cabinets to fake built-in cabinetry and added our adjustable Elsie legs and Hjördis handles to bring some warmth and pizzazz to the room. 

Hjördis 80 Brushed gold

Hjördis 80

119.00 SEK

Elsie Adjust Shiny brass

Elsie Adjust

245.00 SEK

5. IKEA Havsta Wardrobe Hack

Ok, let's be honest... this absolutely stunning IKEA hack takes a bit of work and requires it's fair share of patience. But it really isn't too hard if you master the preparations. This is what you need; matching paint, wooden rods, our Lilian knobs and Otto 100 legs. Head over to lukearthurwells for more detailed "how to" if you fancy trying something similar. 

Lilian 40Ø RAW (untreated)

Lilian 40Ø

79.00 SEK

Otto 100 RAW (untreated)

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

6. Stunning IKEA Kallax Hack

Looking for ways to update that old IKEA Kallax unit? Check out how Kim from @xomyhome totally transformed her unit with some wooden rods, paint and our Hedvig legs. Definitely looks like a one of a kind designer piece now! You'll find all the yummie how-to details over at her instagram account. 

Britta 70 Shiny Brass

Britta 70

79.00 SEK

Hedvig Little 160 Shiny Brass

Hedvig Little 160

175.00 SEK

7. IKEA Billy Bookcase

And last but surely not least - think outside the box with the much-loved Billy bookcases! The talented @frokenrubinen cut her Billy bookcase to fit her space and painted it in the same colours as the wall. And instead of placing it vertically, she placed it horizontally and added our Hugo legs in chrome which  definetely added that extra spark of luxury.  

Hugo 160 Shiny Chrome

Hugo 160

245.00 SEK

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