Vintagefabriken's IKEA Eket Shelf Makeover: Slow Living and Sustainable Design

Nov 1, 2017

On a daily basis Linda Hansson and Louise Lemming are running an online shop called Vintagefabriken. The shop offers selected vintage and small-scale design for both adults and children. They handpick all their products and this is done with great care for the product, the producer and the world around us. They do have a passion for vintage, beautiful interior and slow living consumption, which is simply a little kinder to the environment.

You need the following:

IKEA Eket shelf 35x35x70. From the hardware store: Primer, sandpaper, paint roller, wallpaper from William Morris & Company, wallpaper paste, scissors, ruler, Sadolin color K9.18.41, brass screw, leather strap. Hook from From Prettypegs: 2x legs in the 700mm height, for example Harald 700 & 1x Bill Knob 40Ø in a color of your choice.

IKEA Eket by Vintagefabriken

The project began by polishing the shelf to get a smoother surface. Later, the primer was applied and while it dried, the wallpaper was cut into the right sizes. Further, the shelf was painted with Sadolin color K9.18.41 and afterwards the new legs were attached. The wallpaper was placed at the back of the inside shelf as well as on the outside of the door. As a final step, a Prettypegs knob was placed at the door and a gold hook from Vintagefabriken got attached on the cabinet's left side.

Harald 700 Shiny Brass

Harald 700

395.00 SEK

Bill 40Ø Soft Terracotta

Bill 40Ø

89.00 SEK

Photo credit: @jockeono


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