Hack Your Low Sofa with Stylish Legs: Elevate Your seating Experience

Nov 10, 2023

Unveil the secret to redefining your low sofa's aesthetic with Prettypegs, where style meets versatility. Our collection of wooden legs in diverse shapes empowers you to reimagine your seating experience effortlessly. Explore the endless possibilities of customization as we guide you through a world of design, bringing a touch of sophistication to your living space. Transform your ordinary low sofa into a personalized masterpiece with Prettypegs' exquisite range of wooden legs tailored to suit every taste and style preference. Dive into the art of sofa enhancement and elevate your home decor with our curated selection of stylish legs

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Upgrade Your Furniture with Bertil 40 Oak Legs: Embrace the Timeless Scandinavian Look.

Crafted from FSC Certified Wood, these legs blend style and sustainability seamlessly. Elevate your decor with the natural beauty of Bertil 40 Oak Legs, a perfect blend of aesthetics and eco-conscious design.

Bertil 40 Oak Natural

Bertil 40

225.00 SEK

Elevate Your Furniture Style with Otto 100 Black

These bold legs add a playful touch to your decor. Choose a color to infuse even more fun into your space. Make a statement with Otto 100 Black – where sophistication meets playful design for a uniquely stylish look. Made of FSC ash wood.

Otto 100 Black

Otto 100

195.00 SEK

Transform Your Ikea Vallentuna Sofa with Barbro 100 Legs

Infuse a unique style and bubbly spark into your living room. Elevate your space with these distinctive legs, designed to add personality and flair to your furniture. Make a statement with Barbro 100, turning your ordinary sofa into a conversation piece that reflects your individuality and taste. See low sofas from IKEA.

Barbro 100 Ash natural

Barbro 100

195.00 SEK

Enhance Your Furniture Style with Bertil in Walnut

Redefine your decor by opting for a higher (yet still low) model that allows the bold cylinder to shine. At 100mm, these short sofa legs add a touch of sophistication while showcasing the unique design. Upgrade your space with Bertil 100, where style meets subtlety for a distinctive and refined look. In this home, Bertil 100 finds a perfect companion in Bertil 300, creating a captivating duo that we absolutely adore.

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Bertil 100 Walnut finish

Bertil 100

345.00 SEK

Bertil 300 Walnut finish

Bertil 300

495.00 SEK

Elevate Your Furniture with Prettypegs Ester 60 Legs

Crafted from exquisite ash wood adorned with a brushed brass tube, these legs offer the perfect Scandinavian mix. The warm, inviting glow of brass harmonizes beautifully with the soft, natural tones of ash wood. Upgrade your decor with Prettypegs Ester 60 for a touch of sophistication that effortlessly blends warmth and modern Nordic style.

Ester 60 Ash natural

Ester 60

185.00 SEK

Meet the Quiet Powerhouse: Bertil 40 in Black.

This unassuming yet sturdy sofa leg effortlessly adds a bold, grounded feeling to your low sofa. A true keeper, Bertil 40 in Black provides a strong foundation without stealing the spotlight. Elevate your seating experience with this understated gem for a touch of quiet sophistication.

Bertil 40 Black

Bertil 40

225.00 SEK


We are proud to be in the forefront with a fresh design element in home decor styling – furniture feet! This grounding detail has been cast aside for too long and is now getting it's deserved attention. At Prettypegs we are passionate about details and design, and we all know that a unique accessory, like stunning jewelry or shoes will lift a personality. The same goes with furniture.