Discover the Perfect Fusion of Elegance and Minimalism in Our 48 sqm Japandi Apartment

Sep 28, 2018

"I love the idea of people personalizing their old furnitures instead of buying new. Adding a new accessory, as new legs for your sofa or changing the knobs in your kitchen, can really make the difference. My vision is to always be ”early on the ball” with the coming trends, both in interior and fashion, giving our customers new ways to express themselves."

Stina Löfgren - Product designer at


Stina Löfgren

Explore the perfect blend of Nordic and traditional Japanese design in the latest trend, known as 'Japandi.' If you're fascinated by this unique fusion, read on as we delve into what Japandi is and how you can incorporate it into your home. Stina Löfgren, the renowned product designer for Prettypegs and interiors expert, vouches for the trend, calling it everything you've been waiting for. Get an insider's look into her stylish Japandi-inspired apartment in the heart of Stockholm.

Stina Löfgren, the creative force behind Prettypegs and a master of mixing interiors, recently transformed her studio apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm, into a one-bedroom Japandi oasis. Join us as she shares the steps and secrets behind optimizing her space. Trust her expertise!

"Follow along as we recount the journey of turning a studio into a stylish one-bedroom retreat with a completely new look and feel. These initial images capture the exciting renovation process.

Renovate apartment

Our process began by deconstructing walls, allowing us to strategically reconstruct them exactly where we envisioned. The bedroom took top priority as a sanctuary for peaceful nights amidst the ongoing renovation. We reimagined the layout by relocating the kitchen and enhancing the bathroom to align with our vision for the perfect space.

With the foundational changes complete, our attention turned to the finer details—choosing vibrant colors, selecting furniture, and perfecting the interior design.

Renovating apartment

Experience the art of color progression in our home, seamlessly transitioning from darker tones near the windows to lighter hues in the distance. Our kitchen vision came to life with light pine wood fronts, crafted with a personal touch by creating bespoke doors for our existing kitchen units.

For added storage, we implemented a clever IKEA hack, incorporating three Ivar drawers under the bed. Achieving a cohesive look, we adorned the integrated fridge/freezer with two Prettypegs Lilian knobs in ash, complemented by a Frank knob in ash for hanging the kitchen towel.

IKEA couch-hack

In our spacious main room, the need for a lengthy sofa inspired a hands-on approach. Seeking seamless integration with our home's aesthetic, we took matters into our own hands and crafted a bespoke sofa from pine wood. The design features IKEA Delaktig pillows for added comfort, Bemz fabrik for a personalized touch, and the stylish Prettypegs Svea legs.

Renovating an apartment in Södermalm

Maximizing every inch of our compact hallway, we opted for a lighter color palette to brighten the space, situated furthest from natural light. The entire area received a fresh coat of paint, including IKEA Frän shoe-racks, harmonizing with the serene color scheme. To enhance functionality, we added natural ash Bill knobs, providing additional hooks on the wall.

For a deeper dive into our interior design philosophy, explore the latest issue of Elle Decoration. Delve into our insights in an interview by Charlotte Frey Svidén, accompanied by captivating photos by Jonas Gustavsson."

Get the look:

Svea 150 Ash natural

Svea 150

185.00 SEK

Lilian 40Ø Ash natural

Lilian 40Ø

89.00 SEK

Bill 40Ø Ash natural

Bill 40Ø

89.00 SEK


We are proud to be in the forefront with a fresh design element in home decor styling – furniture feet! This grounding detail has been cast aside for too long and is now getting it's deserved attention. At Prettypegs we are passionate about details and design, and we all know that a unique accessory, like stunning jewelry or shoes will lift a personality. The same goes with furniture.