Elevate Your Nordic Deco Dollhouse with Stylish Furniture Legs - A Must-Have for Modern Miniature Living!

Jan 25, 2017

Ladies and gents, get ready for some serious upcycling! Now, we love a good second hand store, you never know how an old piece of furniture can surprise you. Teaming up with Myrorna and a bunch of creative designers we got into the fabulous DIY mood for a cool workshop in Stockholm.

You might have stumbled upon the lovely illustrations of Mrs Mighetto. If you haven't then you need to get aquainted asap! Their style is perfect for kid's room and .... we wouldn't mind having a little bit of that cuteness in our bedroom either.

Anna & Malin felt inspired by an old and rather plain dollhouse and decided to give it an unexpected twist. So, you can use it as a storage, book holder, dollhouse to play and a jewelry unit. Isn't that just awesome?





And voila! Three hours and a few paint drips later this lovely piece emerged!

Curious to make your own? Grab your notebooks and let's get to work. This is what you need:

✓ an old dollhouse

✓ lively paint and brushes

✓ some tape to help paint the inside without drips

✓ sandpaper

✓ super cute illlustrations to make us go awww

Table leg Estelle 480 Ash Natural to add a dash of that scandinavian style

✓ decor and books

Now that we have everything on our shopping list, let's start by painting the inside of the dollhouse. A little sandpapering over the inside walls should make the paint more resistant.

Estelle Slim 480 Black

Estelle Slim 480

255.00 SEK

So while busy hands were creating magic, we took the time to ask the girls a few questions about their take on upcycling and second hand furniture.

Why do you consider upcycling important and why do you like it?

Simply because welfare societies seem to over consume. Upcycling is fun, more personalized and creative.

What are the 3 top things to look for when shopping in a second hand store?

Small porcelain animals, mirrors and beautiful frames.

What are your favorite accessories/tools to use when doing a DIY project?

Paint, paint, paint, you can change the look of everything when adding a new color.

What do you think are some interesting trends to follow up in vintage shopping?

We care less about keeping the style of the centuries and there is more pride and confidence nowadays in second hand shopping.

So we hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as we did! Saw something that you like? The dollhouse is available for auction starting February 1st, with all profits going to the Salvation Army's social work.

Sponsored by: Fredells Byggvaruhus, Stockholm

In collaboration with: Myrorna, Swedish second hand store

Creative hands: Illustrators and Designers Anna Sylvan & Malin Mighetto

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