Let's turn fast furniture into slow furniture! 

In a time when we have the world at our fingertips, we wish to inspire long lasting choices with meaning, personality and less waste - turning fast furniture into slow furniture.

We want you to love your (IKEA) furniture longer!

At Prettypegs, our mission is to change the way people consume (IKEA) furniture and interior design. We want people to give extra love to their furniture and hold on to them.

We want people to bring personality to their furniture so that they can elevate their homes, without breaking the bank, and be a part of a planet positive future. When people upgrade their furniture with a set of unique legs, some paint or cute knobs, the positive effect is that they tend to hold on to their furniture for about 20% longer. 

Why it's so great that you hold on to your furniture. Did you know?

Each year, more than 20 million tons of new furniture is put on the EU and US market - a number which has almost doubled itself over the last decades, and is still growing by the day. 

If we were to keep those furniture for 20 something years (as we used to do), it wouldn't be a huge problem. But the thing is that each year, 20 million tons of furniture is also being thrown away, a lot of it fully functional. The majority ends up as landfill since furniture are put together with different materials that can't be recycled together.

This new way of consuming interior is referred to as “fast furniture” and obviously comes with a heavy environmental price. Not only is landfill polluting our planet, but each new sofa has an average carbon footprint of about 90kg. Needless to say, this is not what our planet needs right now.  

When people hold on to their furniture longer, they take better care of it and when it's time to let it go, instead of throwing it, they tend to sell it or gift it. These are all very positive side effects, leading to less furniture ending up as landfill.

So what can we do when we’re in need of new vibes in our home? 

Don't worry! There are plenty of creative solutions. Hacking, re-designing, and upcycling a pre-loved bargain, Ikea sofa, or an old piece, is exactly what it's all about right now. Not only will you end up with a unique design piece, the satisfaction from creating something yourself, but maybe best of all you will make a minimal impact on our beautiful planet.

Some facts for our bright future that we are proud of:

In 2019 - Prettypegs products extended the life time of about 19 000 IKEA furniture pieces. Since the production of an average furniture piece consumes 47kg of CO2 (FIRA 2012) and the average lifetime of an IKEA furniture piece is said to be 10 years, we’re very proud of the fact that Prettypegs customers saved the planet from estimately 179 tons of CO2 emissions in 2019. It corresponds to a total of what 32 000 cars emit each day! 

We’re still learning but proud to make hopeful steps

Yes, we at Prettypegs are proud that we inspire people to consume furniture in a more sustainable way! 

  • Today we only produce wooden products made from European FSC certified wood, and we also use recycled steel in our steel products.

  • We're proud of the fact that most of our products are produced in Europe where the majority of our customers are located, and we are doing our best to keep transport as efficient as possible. 

  • Obviously, the factories we use comply with all EU legal requirements when it comes to producing our products such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of chemicals).

  • That being said, our work to become even more sustainable is an ongoing journey. And just like any other company, we are still learning and have these goals set up for the future:

Until 2026, it’s our goal to: 

  • Have 100% of our suppliers based in Europe. 

  • Streamline our shipping methods to ensure we use the most C02 efficient options available.

  • Increase the number of products that are made from recycled materials. 

  • Launch an online Prettypegs Second hand shop for customers to sell and buy pre-loved pegs and furniture.

  •  Last but not least, it’s our goal to encourage a total of 500 000 upcycled furniture pieces by the year 2025. This would mean a saved amount of 4 700 tons of CO2, which is an equivalent of what 816 000 cars emit on one day (FIRA 2012). 

So, let’s turn fast furniture into slow furniture, together!


Prettyworks AB skall som förbrukare av skoglig råvara och med träförädlande verksamhet verka för att verksamheten bedrivs på ett så skonsamt sätt som möjligt, för miljön och för de anställda.

Vi skall uppfylla gällande lagstiftning samt följa FSC ® ’ (FSC-C089427) -krav och intentioner, och så långt möjligt förvissa oss om att råvaran ej kommer från olaglig

eller av samhället icke auktoriserad avverkning, nyckelbiotoper, skogsområden där

hävdvunna eller medborgerliga rättigheter kränks, skogar där höga bevarandevärden är

hotade, genmanipulerade träd eller naturskog som har avverkats i syfte att nyttja området

för plantager eller icke skoglig markanvändning.

Följa ILO:s kärnkonventioner gällande:

● Barnarbete

● Tvångsarbete

● Diskriminering på arbetsplatsen

● Ansluta sig till facket, och kollektivavtal

Verksamheten skall bedrivas och förbättras på ett sådant sätt att den eventuella negativa

påverkan på miljön minskar.

Råvaran skall till största möjliga andel komma från ett miljöanpassat certifierat skogsbruk.

Prettyworks AB skall verka för att denna volym ökar.

Vi skall på ett ansvarsfullt sätt fullgöra våra åtagande mot anställda, samhälle, miljö och uppdragstagare.

Personalen skall utbildas och informeras så att den kan uppfylla ovanstående krav och intentioner.