Ellinor Bellvén & Anetta Kirstjansdottir

Meet the Berlin based interior designer duo Ellinor & Annetta - founders of the creative agency Salty Interiors. Raised in Iceland and Sweden, their sense of style is clearly inspired by Nordic minimalism and the love for nature. We asked them to put their personal touch to two of IKEA’s most popular pieces - the Ivar drawer and Bestå cabinet. And here is the stunning result!  

IVAR Drawer Revamped

This IKEA Ivar model may no longer be part of IKEA’s current range, but if you’re lucky you can quite easily get hold of one secondhand (which makes it even more attractive and unique;). 

Since the Ivar collection is made from solid pine wood, Anetta and Ellinor preferred to keep it natural to highlight the lovely pine wood structure for that raw Nordic feel. Adding our legs and knobs in shiny brass surely added a luxurious twist with just minimal effort . 

“Opposites attract - that’s why we wanted to mix raw wood with the exclusive brass legs and knobs. It makes the whole appearance much more interesting,” says Anetta. 

Hedvig Little 160 Shiny Brass

Hedvig Little 160

175.00 SEK

Hedvig Wide 160 Shiny Brass

Hedvig Wide 160

445.00 SEK

Stina 40Ø Shiny Chrome

Stina 40Ø

119.00 SEK

"We wanted to mix raw wood with the exclusive brass legs and knobs. It makes it the whole appearance much more interesting"

"You've got the dress. Now pick the accessories"

Bestå All Glammed Up

When Ellinor and Anetta were hunting for a smaller cabinet, they discovered that the size of the IKEA Bestå was precisely what they were looking for. To create a warmer feel in a room with white painted stone walls, they decided to go for a Bestå with oak top and sides together with stylish grey fronts.

Customizing it with legs and knobs in brass, added both warmth and style. Since Prettypegs Elsie legs are adjustable, they are perfect for uneven floors often found in older houses. "Who would have thought that a standard-looking cabinet could be enhanced with only a few details. It's like when you have a dress - now pick the accessories, says Ellinor!" 

Elsie Adjust Shiny brass

Elsie Adjust

245.00 SEK

Maj 40Ø Shiny Brass

Maj 40Ø

119.00 SEK

To find out more about Ellinor and Anetta's work, check out their instagram account here.