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And so this was Christmas!

Veröffentlicht am 2017-01-11 Mitwirkende: Äntligen hemma

The holidays are over. And we have mixed feelings. We still miss hanging around the Christmas tree and dringking Glögg with the family. Since it's back to work for now we can at least enjoy some nice memories. Check out this amazingly cozy setting prepared by Äntligen hemma TV show using some of our cute pegs and a lot of holiday cheer.

Shop the look here: CARL 700 WHITE

Adding the final touches. 

And voila! Time to enjoy good food and good company.

Enjoy the full video HERE

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Äntligen hemma

Äntligen hemma


Äntligen hemma is a Swedish TV show on TV4 about home improvement. The show includes DIY interior decorating ideas for home owners with a very creative take on how to make the most of your home using easy tips and tricks. And of course having fun in the process!


Website: www.tv4.se/%C3%A4ntligen-hemma

Instagram: @antligenhemma

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