6. Feb. 2020


Imagine the feeling of having a newly bought designer piece for your living room... Sounds exciting?! Now, imagine hacking your existing IKEA Ivar cabinet into something totally unique with a designer look, and not just store bought. And the best part - you won't have to break the bank! 

With this IKEA Ivar hack guide, as originally written and shared by one of our partnered stylists, - Charlotte from @ScandinavianGrey, we'll walk you through this topnotch IKEA hack step by step. Sure, it's a bit of work with sawing and gluing all the rods, but man is it worth it!  

IKEA IVAR Hack with Storage legs

Here's how to do the IKEA Ivar hack:

1.Wooden Rods

Get your hands on quarter rods located at your nearest hardware store or you can purchase it at most DIY online shops. Charlotte used 22 quartz rods per door cabinet, making it a total of 44pieces per cabinet.

2. Measure the cabinet doors

Measure the height of your IVAR and cut the rods to the same measurement. Here, she used some gersaw to get the right height.

3. Sand paper 

Sand paper the clipped ends of the rods to smoothen and make the cut look finer.

4. Glue the rods onto the Ivar doors! 

Attach the quartz rods using wood glue. Use some reinforcement for better quality of bond by using clamps.

5. Color your IKEA Ivar up!

Treat the door cabinet in your favorite color. Charlotte prefered a natural look and chose to use a white pigmented hard wax oil.

6. Attach the furniture legs

Charlotte chose our Hedvig Little in matte black pegs which goes especially well with the rods and gives an elegant and elevated impression. Since the Ivar cabinet do not have any predrilled M8-holes, you just attach our universal fitting plate (included) and then fasten the legs. Easy as pie! Check out our other replaceable furniture legs.


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