With a streamlined silhouette of a mid-century modern classic, our Kurt leg combines a strong functional ambition with elegant aesthetics.

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Always included and fit a large number of furniture types.
Screw the bolt down in the leg until it sticks out 2-3 cm.  
2 - Attach the legs directly into the furniture's threaded M8 holes.


Universal Plate

For furniture that do not support M8 bolts, our Universal plates fit most corner frames for sofas, chairs, beds, storage furniture etc. Please check that the surface where you would like to attach the legs can take small screws. Preferably a wooden frame or a flat, wooden surface.  

Universal plates will automatically be added to your order if you choose "Other furniture" at the product page. 16mm screws will be included and will be sufficient for most furniture. However you can always use thicker, longer screws if the material is porous. 

1 - Attach the plate with small screws in the corners of your furniture, or on a flat surface close to the corner.
2 - Screw the bolt down in the leg until it sticks out about 0,5 - 1 cm.   
3 - Attach the legs to the Universal plate by hand.  

Kurt 135



Not recommended

Not recommended
  • 135 
  • 180 
  • 230 
  • 300 
  • Black
  • Height: 135 mm
  • M8-bolt
  • M8 + Universal Plate

USD 15 4 / Legs


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