1. Bedpanels By Pretty & Mighetto

Mrs Mighetto is a swedish brand that sells prints made from original paintings in watercolor  full of fantasy, mystery and scandinavian colors. Suitable for grown ups and kids altogether, their beloved characters and personalities are brought to life by crafty hands that illustrate a magical, already known, Mighetto world.

"Since the bed panels are tailored especially for the kids, we didn't just want to make a functional bed panel that kept the kids safe at night, we also wanted to encourage fantasy and play. That's how we came up with the idea to make a collab with Mrs Mighetto and their beautiful characters", says the founder of Prettypegs Jana Cagin.

“Our children spend so much time in bed, where much more takes place than just sleep. Playing, reading, being cozy and silly. Now they also have the perfect little look for that.” - the Mrs. Mighetto team.

2. Designer hands on second hand

-An upcycle collab between Prettypegs & the Swedish Salvation Army, Myrorna.

We are always excited to find a brand that shares our values and that focuses on working actively for a more humane and sustainable society. This is Myrorna, our own swedish upcycling center that offers unique pieces to those who have the eye to see their potential. With all their gains going to the Salvation Army's social work, we just had to be a part of their cool mission.   

You guys know how we love a good flea market. We are always up for getting our hands dirty with a piece of old and dusty furniture. You name it: paint, wallpaper, textile, everything that gets our creative juices flowing. By choosing to upgrade by small means, anything that can result into a beautiful piece that is unique and personal. So mass production go away, don’t come back another day!   

Check out the Auction website here!


3. Clowns without borders

Teaming up with Prettypegs and Mini Empire’s creative illustrations, we created a special range of hand painted pegs to help raise awareness for this cause, with all profit going to Clowns Without Borders important work.

”These type of collaborations make an immense difference for Clowns Without Borders and for the children we meet in crises and conflict-areas.” says Louise Frisk, Deputy General Director at Clowns Without Borders Sweden.  This fun filled collection has been well received within the Scandinavian market for the past year as well as within our own community of bloggers and designers that have shared with us many of their DIY projects. It is an outgoing collaboration very dear to our hearts that we are very proud of.   

Read more about Clowns Without Borders here!

4. Unique collection: TOP-to-TOE with Alcro

Leave it to Alcro to choose the trendiest colors, they know their hues! Together we took some of the most rich and elegant colors and added them onto our own table tops. Paired that up with a few inspired pegs and voila! The result was a burst of colors with a fun mix and match vibe that gave birth to the “Top-to-toe” collection.   

Color me up! We of course added some of our best table tops, round and rectangular shaped and then we just went crazy with the pegs to create  a range of desks, consoles or coffee tables. The boards came in six different colors: creme satin , black deco , Silverpil , Misty Mint , Old Rose, Plum and were compiled by Yvonne Karlsson, trend and color expert.

5. RAW SADOLIN- back to basics!

Safe to say Sadolin has a very nice range of interior and exterior paints. But it is not entirely true. Pairing up with Prettypegs, we took painting to another level. Together with a new and fresh RAW collection, we aimed to spark creativity, bring out the imagination in our customers and create the perfect DIY collab.  

What can be more elegant than a paint cover for your favourite piece of furniture to match up your accent wall? Well the answer is adding something even more perfect: pegs to go in the same color. So are you ready for a spring mini-makeover?

“There are many who wish to change their home, but have neither the desire nor the money to replace the entire furniture arrangement. We want to show simple solutions, as Sadolin stand for and our customers can be inspired by. Along with Prettypegs, we found a way to make it possible to create a big difference with small funds” says Kamilla Forshell, Brand Manager at Sadolin.  

Spring is here-color me pretty! 
Our creative pegers could choose between 6 Prettypegs types and 8 Sadolin colors for their DIY project and it is safe to say that it was a great impact for small means indeed. From light hues to dark dramatic tones, the style relies only on the imagination! Just add a bucket of paint and a brush and you’re all set!   

Read more about the colour company SADOLIN here!

6. Astrid Lindgrens hospital

Prettypegs & the rainbow mission - We embrace sponsorships.
Together with “Astrid Lindgrens” children's hospital in Stockholm, we brought a little sparkle into their children’s therapy room using our (pretty) pegs to create a playful environment to develop in. By sponsoring this project we are one step closer to achieving our goal: personalization made fun and easy. And all this by small means. 

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