Founders Story

Jana & Mikael
“I believe that many of the world’s best products are born when people create something that they want or need for themselves.“
Mikael - Founder of PrettyPegs


It started on a Saturday. While browsing through IKEA it just struck us; the sofa was pretty but the legs were ugly. In the car on our way home we discussed nothing but sofas and their legs. When we reached our garage, Prettypegs was born.

Without knowledge on how to make sofa legs, we started to make sofa legs. Another thing we lacked was money. Or rather, we had some money, but it was supposed to pay for our wedding. But you take what you have right? And surprise (!) we still have different surnames.

Today, Prettypegs is well on the way to becoming what we imagined in the car that Saturday. A source of inspiration that can help shape ideas and add a personal touch to almost every piece of IKEA furniture imaginable.

A company that will continue to evolve and allow more home owners, regardless of where they live, to tell the world who they are.

And as for marriage…you could always get married next year!

Find out more how we can grow, build and win together! Contact us:

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