Way too much furniture is being wasted, although it's in perfect condition. Today, the challenge is not to design a sofa, table or toaster that will last for 20 years. The real challenge is to make people WANT to keep it. At Prettypegs, we're convinced that by letting you add a bit of personality to your IKEA furniture, you might want to keep it a bit longer. And for each week it's being kept, your're doing something great for the environment! 


The Movement stems from the great response we’ve got from thousands of people, our customers and IKEA customers that shares the idea: It’s fun to personalize and extend the lifetime of IKEA furniture.    

We believe that the world can flourish if we would all consider giving a little TLC to some of our old belongings. And because we love a good makeover. In our endeavours communicating our products and concept we got an overwhelming response from people across the world - that’s how the Upstyle Movement was born.    

Imagine you can have a home that tells a story. Your story. And everything inside it hold the dearest memories since nothing is lost, all is repurposed.

- Through a few tools and forums outlined below, we are consistently doing what we can to make the movement grow. Nuff said - you are more than welcome to join us! 

Pretty Magazine

Our blog has the most clever and unexpected ideas from all over the world. So, if you want to feel inspired, head on over there and prepare to go - “Oh, that’s my next project right there!”  We have gathered the most prominent ambassadors and made them into “Contributors” to the pretty world so that anybody can share in the joy of DIY. Let the personalization begin!

Social media - sharing is caring!

It’s all in the name. It’s SOCIABLE, it’s friendly, it’s accessible from all over the world. And we love to join in on the creativity, get inspired by your projects and together spread the word: let’s make ordinary, extraordinary again! So follow us and get connected.

Auction & workshop events

We live to get our hands dirty. So bring on the next project and we’ll surely let our imagination run wild. And what better way to get inspired that with workshops bringing together creativity, drinks and some serious laughs. Stay tuned - soon we are to publish more info about our next event in Stockholm.

Limited edition collections

Last time we made a collection, a limited range of products promoting the Upstyle Movement, it was called Pretty Mini Clowns. The collection won a Swedish design price, for best kids products 2016. We teamed up with Mini Empire’s creative illustrations, and created a special range of hand painted pegs to help raise awareness for a specific cause, with all profit going to Clowns Without Borders important work. 

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