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Published on 10/28/2016 Contributor: Audrey Smit

Kids tend to be all over the place, am I right? When you have four of your own, yeah, you definitely know what I mean :) So, Audrey decided to make it fun for the kiddos to organize for story time. This cute little book case is as simple as it gets, easy to assemble, easy to accessorize and you can change the color of the whole piece whenever you feel like a makeover. Just add a little paint, a little pegs and you’re all set!

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Audrey Smit

Audrey Smit


This little blog surely manages to bring a huge smile on your face from the first couple of pics. Energetic, cheerful and most certainly kid friendly, Audrey’s vibe is exactly what we need to kick off an amazing day, Oh, and did we mention that you can create your own textile patterns thanks to her amazing idea? Yes. Definitely check it out.



Instagram: @thislittlestreet

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