DIY Fabulousness - Part 2

Published on 10/05/2016 Contributor: Cathy Nordström


Painting is definitely the perfect match for our pegs! So we teamed up with the lovely illustrator Cathy Nordström (@cathynorstromdesign) and created some magic with the cutest little piece for a kid's room! Colorful, creative and of course FUN! This will probably make the kiddos more interested in keeping a tidy room ;) One can only wish…

Check list:

✓ 18 mm plywood boards:

✓2 pieces of 700x250 mm  (big sides)

✓2 pieces 350 x 250 mm (short sides)

✓1 piece of 350 x 230 mm (divider in the middle)  

✓1 piece of 700 x 350 mm (bottom piece)

✓paint : S 0510-B90G and brush

✓gouache, acrylic paint or acrylic pens

 ✓Prettypegs Svea 480 Ash (4pcs)

Easy as pie! Start by painting the plywood pieces in two coats. Attach the Prettypegs universal fitting plates onto the bottom board and screw the pegs in for an easy handling when we start to put our artistic talents to good use. ;)

Before using the nail gun to put together the sides of the box, use some wood glue to stabilize the pieces. Decorate the pegs and sides according to preferences with gouache, acrylic paint or acrylic pens. Fill the book storage with the kids’ favorite books and enjoy! Thank you @fredellsbyggvaruhus for having us!

Cathy Nordström

Cathy Nordström


Patterns and colors are no strangers to Cathy! Always doodling something, her inspiration takes her places that bring out these amazing bursts of colors that we can all bask into! Lush and vintage alltogether, we're definitely following up on her amazing creations!



Instagram: @cathynordstromdesign

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