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Published on 09/20/2016 Contributor: Äntligen hemma


Having a daybed is exactly what we need in our lives.Just imagine cuddling up on it on a rainy afternoon, with a good book and a well-deserved cup of coffee. Of course, all that in an elegant fabric and style, topped off by our pretty pegs. And this living room had the perfect little nook, add a large window of course and get ready to bask into the lovely scenery.

Tune in to see the entire project here

A (peg)tastic idea!

Treating our little pegs to an unexpected item is exactly what we weren’t expecting to see :) But the end result is definitely something we are going to enjoy! Decorations are a very important part of any interior. They set the mood, complement the furniture and reflect a personal style.

So, what do pots and pegs have in common? Nothing? Or better yet just some imagination. This is what Elsa Billgren had to say when she decided to brighten up the day with brand new (and inspired we might add) decorations. And then these amazing pieces came to life!

Check out the creative process here

Äntligen hemma

Äntligen hemma


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