The Best IKEA Bestå Hacks

Published on 12/13/2018 Contributor: Prettypegs

How to hack the Bestå series, IKEA's best selling product. 

IKEA's BESTÅ system is a multi-purpose storage and display solution across the living room, as its versatile design gives you a free hand in customization. 

We are talking about these popular items. They look nice, even before hacking them. There is the possibility to pimp them though, why not add personality onto this beloved item?

1. Add fun new legs

Raise the style of IKEA's Bestå with new legs, the choice is huge! A white Bestå doesn't have to have white legs as well - mix and match different styles, heights, colours and create a unique style. The bottomside of a Bestå has pre-drilled holes which makes it easy to attach new ones. Hillevi legs in ash wood were added onto the cabinet below (+ our Arch front).

2. Match the legs with knobs

A single Bestå cabinet can be customized to fit your own style with new knobs and legs. It's even nicer when you match both in the same style. Your furniture instantly gets a more uniform and exclusive look. We made our own hack here at Prettypegs by adding the Bodil knob in brass and matching Theodor legs in gold onto this cute pink cabinet (+ pink Claw Front).

Or go for a more minimalistic and Scandinavian look and choose for a wooden knob like our Bill knob.

3. Mix and match with new fronts

For an even more personal result, transform your Bestå by adding a whole new front. Go crazy and dare to mix different patterns and attach them onto one single item. You don't need to swipe the doors as our fronts are self-adhesive. Easy as pie :)! Choose your favourite front(s) here.

4. Pimp it with a new splash of colour

Did you buy your Bestå on Blocket or any other second hand shop? Bring it back to life by painting it in your favourite colour! Ton-sur-ton is very trending at the moment, in the way your cabinet(s) have the same colour or tone as the wall(s).

Shopping list:

Cabinet: a secondhand find on or new at an Ikea warehouse.

Legs, knobs & fronts: Prettypegs

Paint in your favourite colour

▶ Read the whole article on Blocket:



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