Balance In A Modern-Vintage World

Published on 11/20/2018 Contributor: Prettypegs

Once you lay your eyes on Kassina’s creative mix of styles, you will be inspired to update your home and look at what you already own in a new light. Kassina successfully combines modern and timeworn pieces to create a clean, eclectic and approachable vibe.
“I’ve always been attracted to opposites. I love clean modern spaces, but then I love old primitive pieces with rich history and wonderful stories, too. And like they say, opposites attract! In my designs, I’m always combining say, a modern couch with an antique sofa table or something up-cycled using wood over a century old. I like my spaces to tell a story, to be comfortable for a family, yet sophisticated enough to stand up to the fanciest of cocktail parties.” – Kassina Folstad
One of Kassina’s favorite things to do is to purchase basic furniture pieces but alter them in some way to create a custom, high-end look. These alterations don’t have to be over-the-top or expensive either!

For her recent remodel, Kassina chose an Ikea couch that allowed her to create a large sitting area suitable for her big family. 14’ long to be exact! In order to elevate the look of the couch to better fit the design of her space, Kassina used Prettypegs Carl Walnut legs, a warm brown to match her floor. Adding the Prettypegs legs is an easy and great way to personalize your furniture to fit in your space.

Let’s take a peek around Kassina’s house that she and her husband recently finished remodeling!
Want to see more of Kassina’s house and other DIY projects? Check out the links below for some inspiration:

Shopping list:

Sofa: Söderhamn Ikea

Legs: Carl 170 Walnut Prettypegs


More about Kassina: 

Instagram: @olliepop_design



We are proud to be in the forefront with a fresh design element in home décor styling – furniture feet! This grounding detail has been cast aside for too long and is now getting it’s deserved attention. At Prettypegs we are passionate about details and design, and we all know that a unique accessory, like stunning headphones or shoes will lift a personality. The same goes with furniture.

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