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Published on 11/12/2018 Contributor: Stina Löfgren

Stina Löfgren - Prettypegs own product designer and mix interiors Guru, has put together a smokin' hot interior trend guide of what's to come in 2019. Enjoy! 

In the fashion industry we see the the reusing trend more often and we’d like to see the same trend in our homes. We're looking for better finds instead of buying brand new to give our home a unique expression. We are better off when we do things of which we know they are good and “reuse” is a super easy way to contribute to less emissions. Therefore, we are convinced that this trend will grow even bigger in the future.

A different trend that’s happening in the fashion industry is to have a foundation of "basic garments" which match with different accessories. This "basse" way of thinking is also applied to furniture and furnishings. Take care of an item and fix a piece of furniture that can be changed over time. Add-ons, such as legs, knots, fabrics, wallpaper and colour, make it easy to change the appearance of a furniture. Being "unique" and creating yourself something that is ‘you’ still seems to be the most important trend for 2019.

The Scandinavian-Japanese style continues to be very popular. Furniture in light wood gives more airflow. Combine the stripped "Japandi" style with Moroccan tones and patterns for a warm, personal feel. Green plants continue to be super popular indoors!

► Tip:
Use short legs for your low furniture to give the smaller room the idea of begin bigger.


What we can see is that brass is here to stay, but we are also integrating colder metals like silver or chrome into our homes.

The powder-painted black metals are still an ongoing trend and are to be combined with more natural materials. Light wood such as pine, ash and beech will dominate the wood material we choose. Wood is usually matched with other natural materials in earthy colors such as terracotta and ceramics.

Rattan is a really up-and-coming trend which seems to be going even bigger in 2019. Rattan can be combined with rice paper in lampshades and is likely to give a trendy Japanese feel. As well as soft materials, which means that fabrics (especially in velvet !!) will be present in Swedish homes. You can’t go wrong with tassels and fringes in 2019!

Material for furniture and flooring sets the basis for the colors we choose on textiles and other furnishings. Earthy colours will be used in a home with terracotta pots and pine floors. The white base colour we've seen on walls and furniture for a long time will be mixed up with darker shades of green and blue. Working with colour blocks in different rooms instead of having completely white walls is an ongoing trend of which will continue in the future.

► Tip: Push this trend one step further by painting ALL furniture, frames and doors in the same colour as the walls.

Stina Löfgren

Stina Löfgren


I love the idé of people personalizing their old furnitures instead of buying new. Adding a new accessory, as new legs for your sofa or changing the knobs in your kitchen, can really make the difference. My vision is to always be ”early on the ball” with the coming trends, both in interior and fashion, giving our customers new ways to express themselves.

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