5 IKEA Hacks For Kitchens & Tables

Published on 11/09/2018 Contributor: Prettypegs

The idea of ​​hacking the kitchen details is a simple and affordable way to create a more playful and unique look in the kitchen. Enjoy some easy breasy kitchen DIY inspo below!

Transform your second hand table 

A clever way to create a unique and homey dining area is to get your hands on a second hand dining table and replace the legs with a new pair. Or, why not buy chairs in different models and paint them in the same color to match the rest of the interior? In this pic we see a redesigned table that matches the rest of the colors in the room together with Prettypegs' legs Siri 700.

Tone-on-tone with wooden knobs (right picture)

Use knobs that matches the cabinet doors and the rest of the interior to give the kitchen a more consistent look. In this pic, our product designer Stina attached our Frank 80 handle in ash to use as a towel hook and Harry 40Ø knob on the fridge.

Some more kitchen hacks...

By switching handles or knobs on your kitchen cabinets, you can easily change the overall style in your kitchen. Check out these different kitchen hacks with focus on knobs and some paint: a classic style with rustic attributes, a kitchen where it’s all about that Northern feel with natural woods and last but not least - a bright and airy mid-century kitchen with some personal details.


An affordable way to get the feeling of ‘a brand new kitchen’ is to do like interior designer Viktoria Holmgren(@viktoriaholmgren). She looked for 2nd hand kitchen shutters, brought them back to life with some paint and our Bodil knobs in chrome. The grey colour together with chrome details immediately gives an exclusive and timeless impression.


This natural kitchen belongs to Ida from @nordicremake. She has replaced all knobs with our Bill knobs in Ash. The knobs contribute to the light, an airy feeling and fit perfectly with other natural materials such as marble. Thumbs up for the pink wall colour from Jotun too.

Psst.. A great way to integrate the Scandinavian look is to bring in light coloured woods.

Second hand findings + paint

Find old chairs in different models and paint them in the same colour for a personal yet uniform impression. Also mix up some vintage jars and other details which give a more vibrant and unique feeling. For a mid-century feel, add our Bodil knobs in chrome. 



We are proud to be in the forefront with a fresh design element in home décor styling – furniture feet! This grounding detail has been cast aside for too long and is now getting it’s deserved attention. At Prettypegs we are passionate about details and design, and we all know that a unique accessory, like stunning headphones or shoes will lift a personality. The same goes with furniture.

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