Kids' Room Decorating Ideas!

Published on 08/28/2018 Contributor: Pernilla Jansson

The fact that a kid’s room should feel both engaging, creative and be ready for plenty of playtime is something I’m willing to sign off on. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t go hand in hand with the same kind of style and feel as the rest of the house.  And since kids have a tendency to grow really fast, I try to make conscious (and stylish) choices that endures the test of time and can grow together with the child. 

For example, I chose the Harald steel legs for the doll house since they can be used for a night stand when August outgrows the desk, and why not use them to build a coffee table in his first apartment?  That’s one of the things I love with Prettypegs, the fact that their products easily transforms as your needs change. The Hillevi bedlegs is in ash, which is a recurrent wood in our home.

For this room, I chose to keep the details in chrome, it feels both timeless and beautiful at the same time. The handles on IKEA’s Ivar cabinet from Prettypegs are called Stina, and the Otto legs in ash brings a playful yet stylish feeling to the room. The small desk was an alternative to August bigger sister’s desk, where he can paint with chalk pens since the wooden board that we got in our local hardware shop, is painted in chalk paint.

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Pernilla Jansson

Pernilla Jansson

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