How to get a Scandinavian Boho Style!

Published on 06/01/2018 Contributor: Pernilla Jansson

This is how the Scandinavians Go Boho! And Pernilla inspires us to bring this insanely creative and free-spirited aesthetic into our homes just the right way. They say if you have a creative side you never get bored! But she´s so creative she can even marry Scandinavian minimalism with the Bohemian Design in a unique and perfect way. Scandi Boho indeed is her style!

So how Pernilla pairs two opposing styles to create this scandi - boho blend?

The Scandinavian and bohemian decor moods have a lot in common when you think about it… Pernilla is in love with the basic element of Scandinavian design - obviously the light wood - However, she claims that the key to every Scandi - Boho home is the mix and match of unique finds, vintage and rare objects. “There´s a small collector in me.  I want to keep and enjoy my memories from all over the world as delightful décor in our home -  I think those things make our home personal!”

Let´s take a tour...


As an ambassador of this fashionable combo she´s giving us some easy tips of how to get the perfect Scandi-boho style! Be inspired and...

1. Keep the backdrop simple 
2. Add greenery
3. Incorporate plenty of textures
4. Upcycle and create unique pieces 

Pernilla’s IKEA hacks inspire also upcycling! The photos below would help you to understand that with just a bit of imagination, creativity and Pretty Products you can contribute to a more sustainable world and of course you will bring Scandi-Boho trend into your home! “I love how some small changes can take a furniture piece in a new direction. For example, the well-known Ikea Ivar cabinet is an amazing product to hack, upcycle and make it more personal. I transformed it for my son´s room adding both knobs and legs from Prettypegs. And don't forget that just a bit of paint can go a really long way" Pernilla says. 

To sum up, the key to Sca-Bo is finding a perfect balance between the Scandi and the Boho exactly as in the above pictures! You can see more of Pernilla´s home on her blog and Instagram account pernillasinterior 

Thank you Pernilla for inspiring us! 


Check out Pernilla's IKEA Billsta table hack here: IKEA Hack Delight

To see Pernilla's Kid's desk hack - click here: An Ideal Kid´s Desk

For the IKEA plant table hack - click here: Socker Greenhouse


IKEA Table hack :Ellinor braided Table Legs  

IKEA wardrobe hack: Frank 80 Wooden Knobs 


IKEA Greenhouse hack: ESTELLE 700 ASH NATURAL 

Kids desk hack: HARALD 480 LEGS '

IKEA bed hack: HILLEVI 170 LEGS


Pernilla Jansson

Pernilla Jansson

They say if you have a creative side you will never get bored. And it’s always fun to meet someone who can turn an everyday piece to a chic statement and still have some time left for a good book and some coffee.

Website: pernillasinteriör
Instagram: @pernillasinterior

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