Eket Sewing Stool By Mimmi Staaf

Published on 11/01/2017 Contributor: Mimmi Staaf

Eket sewing stool by Mimmi Staaf

Mimmi Staaf is running one of Sweden’s most popular upholstery workshop and web shop -  'Mimmi Staaf’s Möbelmakeri. She also runs a blog where you’ll find inspiring before and after home decor projects + many more things which inspires Mimmi in her daily work.

You need following:

IKEA Eket shelf with door, 35x35x35, (Myrorna price 5 USD). From hardware house: a wood plank approx. 1 cm high x 34x34, some kind of soft filler material, glue, a specific furniture needle, sewing cotton, staple gun (ca15 USD). Fabric from Littlephant: Tiger Island (ca 140 USD). From Prettypegs: 4x Greta gold (90 USD) Will be available in November. Total price for this hack ca 250 USD.

The project began by putting together the wood plank and the door by using glue, this in order to create a top cover. Further, attach the filler material around the wall shelf by using glue. Use the staple gun to attach the fabric around the outer side of the shelf. Do the same with the top (the door). On the bottom part of the shelf, Mimmi used a natural fabric and then attached the Greta legs from Prettypegs.

Photo credit: @jockeono

Mimmi Staaf

Mimmi Staaf

Mimmi Staaf is running her own company 'Mimmi Staaf Möbelmakeri’, a webshop, workshop of upholstery and shop located in Stockholm, Sweden. At her blog you find inspiring before and after home decor projects + many more things which has inspired Mimmi in her daily work. 

Website: www.mimmistaaf.com 
Instagram: @mimmistaaf

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