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PrettyHackathon - Lillången Shelf by Madeleine

Published on 11/01/2017 Contributor: Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt

Lillången Shelf by Madeleine

Madeleine is an interior designer and runs Norden & Klingstedt design agency together with her colleuge Andrea Norden. Besides that, she also blogs for one of Sweden’s most renown interior magazines Residence Magazine and has recently launced her first furniture collection brand called Lineaire. She loves the clean Scandinavian look spiced up with luxurious elements from Milano or Paris. So let's get lost into some beautiful Nordic Deco style design.

You need following:

IKEA Lillången shelf (Myrorna price 50 sek). From hardware house: Some kind of fabric (here, velvet fabric was used), staple gun, spackling paste, white painting color (ca 20 USD). From Prettypegs: 2x Harald 700 chrome (coming soon ca 80 USD), 1x Bodil Ø30 chrome (8 USD). Total price for this hack ca 110 UDS

The project began by getting rid of the already existed knob and filling the holes with spackling paste. Later, the shelf were polished and the fabric were added to the door by using the staple gun. Furthermore, parts of the shelf were painted and the same fabric was placed, like a curtain, on the top and side of the shelf. The staple gun were used here too. Fittings and the new legs were placed underneath the shelf and the new knob were placed outside the door.

Photo credit: @jockeono

Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt

Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt

Ladies, check out this cool chick right here. She isn't shy to pick up a drill and make things happen. Doesn't hurt that she also has some creativity to pair that up with. So let's get lost into some beautiful Nordic Deco style design.

Instagram: @asplundklingstedtinterior

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