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Metod Hallway Bench By Ida

Published on 11/01/2017 Contributor: Ida Hansson

Metod hallway bench by Ida, Nordic remake

Ida runs one of northern Sweden’s most popular interior design agency - Nordic Remake.  She is passionate about Nordic design, traditional crafts and to bring life back to used goods. So say hello to flea market finds, or as we Swedes know it loppis, and enjoy the mix and match that will brighten up your home.

For this hack you need the following:

IKEA Kitchen shelf Metod 80x37x20 cm, (Myrorna price 3 USD). From hardware house: some kind of soft filler material, natural leather band 2 cm wide, Jotun Lady supreme finish matt paint in the color Dusty Rose 20055, paint brush, wood plank, 1-2mm thin wood stripes, sewing cotton, scissor (ca 30 USD). Littlephant Aquatic white/black fabric x 1m (70 USD). From Prettypegs: 4 x Bror 220 ash natural (99 USD), 2x Bill 40Ø ash natural (16 USD). Total price for this hack ca 220 USD.

The project began by filling the holes, inside the shelf, with spackling paste. Further, the filler material were cut in the same size as the shelf. New fittings were screwed under the shelf and then the new color Dusty Rose 20055 was applied. After the color has dried, two holes were drilled through the wood plank and two holes were also made in the filler material. A leather cord were dragged through the holes in order to make it stay together and later attach them with the shelf. Before, the fabric were placed, by a staple gun, over the wooden plank and filler material. As a detail inside the shelf, thin wooden stripes was braided like a kind of blanket and placed inside the floor of the shelf. Finally, two wooden knob was attached to the sides of the shelf and the leather belt was stuck on the top of the fabric.

Photo credit: @jockeono

Ida Hansson

Ida Hansson


Scandinavian design is amazing! And we’re not just saying that because we are swedish. We represent the simplicity yet uniqueness of a worldwide phenomenon that Ida Hansson also decided to explore in her own creative style. So say hello to flea market finds or as we swedes know it loppis and enjoy the mix and match that will brighten up your home.


Website: www.nordicremake.se

Instagram: @nordic_remake

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