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DIY Up-Cycle Drawer

Published on 07/26/2017 Contributor: Krista Rosenkilde

My daughter collects so many weird things and toys. She gradually took over our living room with all of her stuff. And you better not try to secretly remove anything or try to reason with a three year old! -She knows her toy collection to her fingertips! 
So when I found this old dusty storage with drawers in the messy workshop next to our house I knew this was the answer to my prayers! 
I cleaned it up got new brass handles on the drawers and the pink legs from prettypegs, and 1-2-3 it looked amazing! Perfect for our colorful interior style and perfect to fit all of my daughters toys in. And she loves it! Especially the pink legs which she choose herself:) 
Shop the look here: Astrid 115 coral pink
Krista Rosenkilde

Krista Rosenkilde


Artist and textile designer. I love colorful and playful interior design. I guess I am kind of a 'rebellion' against boring minimalistic interior style... I want to bring maximum personality into my home! -if not there, where else?


Instagram: @kristarosenkilde 

Website: www.monatelier.dk

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