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One Cabinet, Four Different Styles!

Published on 07/19/2017 Contributor: Femina

Femina created this great DIY project with one of the cheaper cabinets from IKEA. They styled RAST into four different lovely designs showing that you can up-cycle a cheaper cabinet and give it your own personal twist.

Below we've posted the four different styles. We (of course) like the green cabinet including Prettypegs the most! c

RAST before picture:

Style 1: 'The green corner'

For this style Femina went for a green 'tropical' look. They used green paint, leather and some beautiful green plants to make it pop out. We think forest green Estelle looks stunning in this environment 

Shop the look here: Estelle 220 forest green

Style 2: 'Cool with slate'

The second style is a little 'rawer'. It includes a lot of grey colours and materials like slate and metal. We think the raw factory wheels are a cool addition

Style 3: 'Details of wood'

This style is one of the most simple once, including white paint and details of raw wood. With these small changes the furniture gets a typical "Nordic" look

Style 4: 'Flowering bohemian' 

The fourth and final style they designed includes, as the title might suggest, floral motives. It also includes fabulous brass knobs and an oil that makes the wood look darker. Together it creates this extravagant bohemian look.  

What style of the RAST cabinet do you prefer?

Click on the link if you want to check the full article (only available in Danish): Femina

Photo credit: Skovkal Nordic / Kasper Kamuk

Idea & styling: Pernille Albers




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