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Storage spruce up!

Published on 06/28/2017 Contributor: Ilaria Chiaratti

Ever had a problem with too little storage space? Check out how Ilaria from IDA Interior Lifestyle solved her husband's need for some extra space to store his bed side stuff with an IKEA EKET cabinet. And of course she wanted to spruce things and went for our Svea 150 Ash/Mint pegs and some cute stickers from Sostrene Grene. Doesn't get much easier than this, nor prettier! We're falling head over heels for this easy yet powerful IKEA-hack!

Shop the look here: SVEA 150 Ash / Mint

Ilaria Chiaratti

Ilaria Chiaratti


All the way from Italy, Ilaria has a really cool and fresh style. And certainly an eye for photography we might add. We love her good vibes that spread all throughout her feed and the burst of colors that invade your eyes from the start.


Website: www.idainteriorlifestyle.com

Instagram: @idainteriorlifestyle

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